Supernatural Season 5, Episode 11 recap: Sam and Dean are admitted

Supernatural -- "Abandon All Hope" -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural -- "Abandon All Hope" -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

Sam and Dean find themselves as patients in a mental institution in Supernatural Season 5, Episode 11. Has their horror story caught up to them?

During Supernatural Season 5, Episode 11, Sam and Dean Winchester find themselves as patients in a mental institution. Psychiatric doctors don’t take the demons, monsters, and hunting all that seriously. Oh, if only they knew!

Of course, the Winchesters aren’t there because they’ve been caught. There’s a case and, like with the prison episode in Supernatural Season 2, they can only get to the bottom of it while inside. Here’s everything that happened in “Sam, Interrupted.”

Getting admitted

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The episode opens with a woman who is sure there’s a monster in the psychiatric hospital. Of course, because of where she is, there’s the belief that she must be mentally ill. Yet, there is a monster — one that is making it look like patients are killing themselves.

It’s not surprising that the Winchesters learn about the case and the best way to deal with it is by going inside. With a fake reference from Dr. Babar, both Winchesters soon find themselves admitted, so they can get to the bottom of the problem.

While in there, they come across another hunter, one who had history with John Winchester. This hunter, Martin Creaser, knows that there’s a monster that’s making deaths look like suicide but he can’t deal with this himself.

Getting to the bottom of the problem

The Winchesters are split up for group therapy, with Sam in Martin’s group. During a session, a patient who was in the room opposite the last patient to die, mentions the monster hunting at night. He’s sure it’s real but the doctor shuts him down. Sam knows there’s more to this.

Meanwhile, Dean is approached by Dr. Cartwright, who has questions for Dean. Of course, he has questions too and they enter an unorthodox exchange of questions.

That night, Sam wants to find the patient who had seen Susan dies. By the time they get to his room, the patient has apparently hung himself. The next night they get to the morgue to investigate the body, which is when Sam finds a hole that goes into the man’s brain and the brain is black and has been sucked dry.

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Figuring out the monster

Armed with this knowledge, the Winchesters turn to Martin again. He knows they’re dealing with a wraith, which feeds off brains and, of course, a psychiatric hospital is the perfect place. Only silver can kill this creature and the only way of knowing who the wraith looks like is by seeing the creature in its real form through a mirror.

It isn’t hard for Dean to figure out who it is by sitting by one of the security mirrors. Dean notices that Dr. Fuller, the doctor who had admitted them, is the wraith. Just as it looks like the Winchesters have a chance of killing Dr. Fuller, Martin realizes that the silver never reacted on his skin. This isn’t the right guy.

Naturally, because Sam was the one who attacked the doctor, he’s deemed a threat and heavily medicated. While on meds, Sam questions whether Dean really is crazy after all.

Is Dean going crazy?

Of course, the episode is set up in a way to make it look like Dean is going crazy. He starts to see monsters everywhere and it turns out that Dr. Cartwright is only in his head.

When Sam is released on a warning by Dr. Fuller, he also starts hallucinating. When he starts attacking people, believing them to be monsters, he is taken to a padded room.

Sure enough, Dean realizes that he and Sam have been poisoned by the wraith. The poison must be passed through venom in saliva and he wonders whether Wendy, a patient who had kissed him, is the wraith. By the time Dean and Martin get to Wendy’s room, the nurse is sucking out her brains.

The hospital is an all-you-can-eat buffet for a wraith. Just as it looks like the nurse will kill Sam, Dean stops her by stabbing her through the heart with a silver letter opener. The two Winchesters are able to escape the hospital.

The episode ends with Sam admitting that he’s always angry and he doesn’t know why. Dean makes it clear that burying it is the only way to do the job or they end up in the hospital for real like Martin.

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