Flack: Exclusive first look at Season 1, Episode 5

Pictured: Bradley Whitford - Photo Courtesy of Pop PR
Pictured: Bradley Whitford - Photo Courtesy of Pop PR /

Catch a glimpse of Bradley Whitford in his guest role on Flack from an exclusive clip the network has shared with Hidden Remote. Plus, find out how you can watch Season 1, Episode 5 live!

Robyn wasn’t doing so well professionally or personally on last week’s episode of Flack. She came close to committing suicide in the same way her mother did, jumping off of a bridge.

After messing up with her client, Brooke, an organic cosmetics business mogul who got a facelift and didn’t want the public to know when photos of her were taken post-procedure, Robyn hit a proverbial wall. The plan, as hideous as it sounds, was to throw Brooke’s husband under the bus and say she had been the victim of domestic abuse. The story spiraled out of control when Brooke embraced the mantle of victimhood and decided to actually press charges against him.

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It wasn’t the fact an innocent person suffered that got Robyn and Eve in trouble. Their boss, Caroline, has proven time and time again the company could care less about that. But they lost control of the narrative when control in the PR world is the most vital component of your career!

Even with her husband, Robyn couldn’t keep things cool as she snapped at him for wanting to talk about the potential of pregnancy. By episode’s end, he is far more supportive. It made it even harder to watch as we all know Robyn has cheated on him and continued to lie about being on birth control. With only two episodes left of the season, one has to wonder what’s going to happen when Robyn’s house of cards comes tumbling down.

This week she gets a semi-reprieve from work on the ground, literally, as the entirety of the episode takes place in an airplane. Robyn will have to assist her client, played by Bradley Whitford (The West Wing) while soaring through the skies. The moment they land, the press will be all over his case so Robyn has to figure out an escape plan for him before it’s too late.

We don’t get any hints as to what her clients “disturbing secret” is in the synopsis but I’m guessing it must be something pretty sinister if Robyn has to handle the PR emergency on the plane!

In the following exclusive clip from the network, we get a glimpse of Whitford in the role as he chats with Robyn about how she must detest having to take on his case.

Here is the official synopsis for the episode and the clip!

"While on an international flight, one of Robyn’s clients, Calvin Cooper (Whitford), is terrified that the police have found incriminating content on his laptop. Robyn uses her cell phone in the plane lavatory to make emergency phone calls, only to get her phone confiscated by a flight attendant. Robyn must summon up all her PR skills to make this unsettling problem go away before the public gets wind and the plane lands."

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Date: Thursday, March 21
Start Time: 10/9c
Episode: Season 1, Episode 5 “Rodney”
TV Channel: Pop
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