Game of Thrones: The importance of the Sansa and Sandor reunion

Sansa and The Hound in King's Landing. Image Courtesy of HBO.
Sansa and The Hound in King's Landing. Image Courtesy of HBO. /

Game of Thrones final season promises many long-awaited reunions, but the Sansa and Sandor reunion might prove to be pivotal for both characters.

Sansa Stark and Sandor Clegane – the wolf queen and the Hound – their reunion might not rank as high as Jon and Arya in fan’s minds, but this reunion will leave an indelible impact on both characters. The last time these two saw each other on Game of Thrones, they were very different people. Sansa, the passive child, and Sandor hiding behind the mantle of the Hound. They were just starting on their respective journeys.

The Battle of the Blackwater, Season 2, Episode 9, represented a turning point for both characters. Sansa began to wake up from her passive nature, and Sandor turns his back on his persona as Joffrey’s “mad dog.” Sandor offers to take Sansa away from King’s Landing and save her from her nightmares.

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Throughout Season 1 and 2, the Hound has only helped Sansa in methods that could be overlooked by the crown. He stops her from pushing Joffrey off the wall, advises her to try and make her life easier, and rescues her from the mob. He never actively saves her, but always attempts to lessen her pain.

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Only after his part in the Battle of the Blackwater, does Sandor take an active stance against the Lannisters. He goes to Sansa and wants to save her. Here’s where the Hound’s transformation to Sandor Clegane begins and his desire to protect Sansa sets him on that path.

Rory McCann as the Hound. Photo: HBO
Rory McCann as the Hound. Photo: HBO /

Of course during Season 2, Episode 9, Sansa refuses to leave with Sandor, choosing the devil she knows and/or the hope of a savior in Stannis. It’s ultimately a smart move for the young Stark. At King’s Landing, she knows what to expect – torture and manipulation – but at least she understands how to live in that world.

Still, Sandor has one more lesson to teach her before he leaves her in Season 2. “The world is full of killers and you better get used to looking at them,” Sandor shakes her and makes her look at him.

Sansa must remove what’s left of her rose-colored glasses and stop weaving tales about handsome true knights and pretty ladies. She has to see things as they are because no one else will shield her from the world.

This lesson proves instrumental in Sansa’s development throughout Game of Thrones. She grows to trust Tyrion despite his appearance, accept Brienne as her knight, believe Arya over Littlefinger, forgive Theon, and love Jon like a brother. Each of these characters wouldn’t have fit into Sansa’s initial ideal world. Sandor’s rough guidance opened her eyes and her mind.

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Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones. Photo: HBO /

In turn, Sansa’s need for a protector awoke the decency in Sandor that he kept pushing down as Joffrey’s “mad dog.” He became Sandor because of her influence and shed his former self.

These two characters owe a lot to each other, and their reunion needs to showcase the importance of their relationship. While no one is expecting a declaration of love – at least on the show – between the two, Sandor joining Sansa’s “Queensguard,” and Sansa thanking him for his protection would be a nice way to send off this relationship. Or, Sandor can save Sansa from a White Walker and die in her arms if you like that sort of thing.

Either way, it’s time for Sandor to see his “little bird” again. And maybe, just maybe, they can have the happy ending that they both deserve.

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