No Good Nick premiere recap: What’s Nick’s secret?

No Good Nick -- Courtesy of Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
No Good Nick -- Courtesy of Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

No Good Nick premiered today on Netflix starring Melissa Joan Hart and Sean Astin. Was the premiere good?

I was looking forward to the new dramedy series No Good Nick ever since Melissa Joan Hart signed on. She and Sean Astin play TV parents. Melissa plays Liz, who’s a hyper-competitive career mom. Sean plays Ed, a lovable but dorky fun dad.

Warning to all viewers: There are major spoilers in this post!

I enjoyed seeing Melissa and Sean play off each other in the premiere. Now onto the actual show, Nick shows up at Liz and Ed’s front door. She asks them where were they, as she was waiting at the train station all day to get picked up. She tells them she’s there to live with them (Gees! What a way for an entrance).

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Nick tells Liz, Ed, Molly, and Jeremy that her parents died in a car accident six months ago.  She’s been in foster care until they found her relatives. Social services found her dad’s second cousin who is supposedly Ed. Liz and Ed were supposed to be at the train station. Nick freaks out that they weren’t at the train station, so she fears that now she’ll be going back to foster care. Ed reassures her that she isn’t going back.

As we all know, Nick is a street-smart con artist, and we find out her revenge is to steal items from the family’s (Liz and Ed) house, valued at $50k. We find out that Nick supposedly has real foster parents named Dorothy and Sam, who we meet at Nick’s new school (which is Molly and Jeremy’s school).

Nick is also trying to get on Liz and Ed’s side by attempting to help Liz by going to Liz’s restaurant and wants to volunteer to feel useful. Later on during the day at home, Nick sees Ed come home from work and asks him how his day went at work acting as she cares about his life. This is, of course, part of her big scheme that she’s trying to pull off.

No Good Nick
No Good Nick — Courtesy of Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

Jeremy doesn’t trust Nick

Jeremy feels suspicious about Nick. However, near the end of the pilot, he says with everyone at the dinner table: “I guess I’ll admit I was also unsure/am unsure about Nick, but at the same time, I don’t know. If I’m being honest with myself, maybe I really am just afraid of sharing what I got. Because the truth is, I do have a lot.”

I’m curious to see what happens between Jeremy and Nick and how their dynamic changes.

Plot twist

In the end, we find out that Nick is going to play a long-term con as she finds out that Liz’s family has a lot more value than she initially thought. Liz owns a restaurant and Ed is a senior loan officer at a bank. Right before the pilot ends, Nick is talking to someone on the phone, and then we find out that’s her father. She says “I love you too, dad.” We see a picture of her as a baby with her parents.

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I feel Jeremy, Molly and Nick’s characters fell flat. Something felt off. Maybe it’s just me. Hopefully, this will change for me though. It’s the pilot after all. Otherwise, I liked the premiere.

This is going to be an interesting season to binge-watch. How did you feel about the pilot? Are you glad to see Melissa Joan Hart back on our small screens? Share your thoughts below.

No Good Nick is now streaming globally on Netflix.