Supergirl Season 4, Episode 19 recap: Secrets and superheroes

Supergirl -- "American Dreamer" -- Image Number: SPG419a_0065b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Melissa Benoist as Kara/Supergirl and Nicole Maines as Nia Nal/Dreamer -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Supergirl -- "American Dreamer" -- Image Number: SPG419a_0065b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Melissa Benoist as Kara/Supergirl and Nicole Maines as Nia Nal/Dreamer -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

This week’s Supergirl shines a light on our newest superhero Dreamer and finds several characters dealing with their past actions and traumas.

With Supergirl having taken a step back, this episode of Supergirl takes off with Dreamer picking up the cape so to speak. She’s been watching the streets and protecting persecuted aliens, with the assist of Brainy, and she’s doing a pretty great job of it honestly.

After last week’s reveal that James is essentially developing superpowers, Lena, Alex, Kelly, and Brainy are doing everything they can to help him. The key to keeping James stable and controlling his powers and his panic attacks is to understand his root trauma, a thing that’s easier said than done.

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Brainy goes into James’s mind and it is revealed that his deepest trauma is about his father’s funeral, which he wasn’t actually at. Despite a story that he was locked in a diner at the time, it turns out that younger James was in fact bullied and locked in a casket during the funeral.

Thankfully Kelly is able to work through her own trauma about that day, with some help from Alex, and goes into James’ mind to guide him out. She tells him to change the narrative and James is able to gather the strength to wave the bullies away and release his younger self from the casket.

With Supergirl lying low, Kara has been fully embracing her reporter side. She’s determined to find Lex and reveal the truth to clear her name. Unfortunately, a source she needs from Amertek is too scared to go on the record and Lena is more than slightly upset with her for not being there as her best friend.

It’s easy to forget how it must seem to Lena because as the audience we know Kara has been there for her as Supergirl, but Lena still doesn’t know they’re the same person. It makes sense she would be upset, and considering what happens at the end of the episode it’s only going to make the inevitable Supergirl reveal that much more heartbreaking.

As Kara and Nia both hit a snag in their endeavors they decide that the perfect solution is to have Nia come out in her first public interview in order to inspire people and give them an alien they can relate to. Nia agrees, and not only does she talk about her background and who she is but amongst other things we learn that she is a Gryffindor (of course), House Stark, loves salty snacks, and likes nerdy boys who think too much. Vital information.

Unsurprisingly, the interview does not sit well with Ben Lockwood and members of the Department of Alien Affairs. They attempt to have Dreamer arrested for inciting violence, but with the help of Alex, Brainy, and Kara, Dreamer escapes unscathed.

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James also makes his grand entrance at the end of the fight to display his new powers and kick Lockwood and his agents out of CatCo. It’s not something Lockwood will be forgetting or forgiving any time soon, that’s for sure.

Nia’s interview was worth the risk as it does manage to inspire hope and faith back into people. Not only does the source Kara need come through for her, but it also inspires Lena as well. A teary-eyed Lena shows up at CatCo ready to be her authentic self and reveal what she’s been doing to Kara.

In a sweet moment of friendship, Lena comes clean about working with Lex and apologizes for being so weak. Kara immediately hugs her friend without hesitation and tells her how beautiful and wonderful she is. It was such a lovely moment, but it only makes you feel the Supergirl-sized secret between them even more. Now that Lena has come clean, it’s only going to make the inevitable reveal hurt more.

For now, Lena believes everything is out in the open between her and Kara and asks to help with the investigation on Lex. With Lena’s help, they realize that the name in the file Kara was looking at was actually a pseudonym of Oscar Wilde that Lex used to use.

Lena recognizes the cipher Lex has been using and it leads them to the discovery that Lex has a military base in Kaznia. So it seems they are finally about to discover the truth about Red Daughter and we’ll finally see this storyline kick into high gear.

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What did you think of Dreamer’s interview? Do you think Lena will find out the truth that Kara is Supergirl any time soon? Let us know!

Supergirl airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on the CW.