CultureFly Supernatural spring 2019 mystery box: Unboxing and review

Image courtesy of Alexandria Ingham

CultureFly has stepped up its game with the Supernatural spring 2019 box. It quickly sold out, but here’s an unboxing and review to see what you can expect from these types of boxes.

If you’re still on the fence about getting the CultureFly Supernatural mystery boxes, let me help settle the nerves. For the last few boxes, I’ve had some complaints about the vinyls and the posters. They’ve not been that spectacular and it made me regret not getting the first book – I still really want that Rowena plush doll! But CultureFly has taken on board the criticism and made some changes.

The spring 2019 box has completely sold out. CultureFly is taking orders for the summer box, but this is a perfect time to see what we got in the last box – and why you definitely want to get the new one.

This is definitely the strongest of all boxes. There wasn’t anything I didn’t like out of it, although some items won’t be useful to me but they will be useful to others. I’ll just have them as decorations instead. Usually, I do my reviews with a “good,” “mediocre,” and “bad” focus but there’s nothing bad. In fact, there’s nothing all that mediocre. I’ll do “like” and “love” instead.

Image courtesy of Alexandria Ingham

The likes: The poster, mirror, bookends

One of the first things I noticed, despite it being at the bottom of the box, was the poster. It was completely different to any of the other posters I’ve seen. The Supernatural boxes have had a problem of including season key art and I’m not the biggest fan of that – they key art didn’t even have an order to it!

My favorite poster up to this point was one of Crowley. However, this poster is quickly becoming my favorite. It’s one with stained glass windows and silhouettes of Dean, Sam, and Castiel. Castiel is an important one because this box is very Castiel-orientated.

Image courtesy of Alexandria Ingham

The bookends are nice. They have a weight to them and look good. I just don’t have a use for them. My shelves are actually bookcases, so if I put the bookends up where they should sit, I’d never see the anti-possession symbol on the sides.

However, I don’t have a criticism about the actual bookends themselves. I know a lot of people who will like them and in the past, I would have certainly had a use for them. They’ll act as decorations instead of bookends and I’m okay with that.

Finally, in the “like” section, it’s the mirror. It’s small and not the most useable item out of the box, but I’m not sure if that was the point of it in the first place. When hung up in a room, it’s definitely going to help reflect light and that’s always a plus!

The quality of the mirror looks good. The stickers over the top of it look like they could pull off if washed like the glasses and cups have, but this mirror isn’t designed to be submerged so it’s a moot point.

Image courtesy of Alexandria Ingham

The loves: T-shirt, notebook and pen, plush, charm

CultureFly is certainly continuing with the charm bracelet and I adore this. My bracelet is something I wear almost daily to show off my love for Supernatural and it’s a great talking point with fellow fans. (I also wear the Ruby’s Knife necklace daily and that’s a talking point). This time, the charm is a pair of angel wings, definitely focusing on Castiel as part of the family.

While I disliked the vinyl figures over the last few boxes, the Supernatural spring 2019 mystery box gave us a plush doll. Plus dolls get away with not quite looking like the characters – there are always characteristics that let you know who you’re holding. This plush is Castiel, complete with blue tie, open trench coat, and solemn look.

The doll is soft and cuddly if you want to use it as normal. I’m having to keep him away from my dog, who just loves to chew up these sorts of things. Castiel Plush will make an excellent addition to all the other plushes I have.

Image courtesy of Alexandria Ingham

Then there’s the notebook and pen. I have to include these together because they really are a pair. The notebook has Castiel on the front with “Hey Assbutt!,” but the inside pages are just an Enochian symbol. On the pen, which doubles as a stylus (excellent for my Microsoft Surface and my iPad), has symbols on it and the “Join the Hunt” logo.

Finally, it’s all about the T-shirt, which is a long-sleeved one this time. I wish the long-sleeved T-shirts were part of the winter or even fall boxes, since I’m not going to be wearing long-sleeved T-shirts now the summer weather is here. However, it’s going to be perfect come the fall.

This T-shirt is all about Team Free Will, which is appropriate for a Castiel-focused box. After all, Cass and Bobby were the two original members with the Winchesters in Team Free Will and Castiel is part of Team Free Will 2.0.

Image courtesy of Alexandria Ingham

There’s a lot of detail that I want to touch on with the T-shirt though. As well as the Team Free Will symbol, the words “Family Don’t End With Blood” circle around it. Then there’s an angel blade and the demon-killing knife crossing over, a little like two swords would cross. There are also well-known Supernatural symbols added in.

This has definitely been my favorite of the boxes. There’s nothing I dislike – although there are items I won’t use in the way intended but that’s okay! I do that with a lot of boxes! I certainly don’t regret buying this one and it makes me less upset that I never got the first CultureFly Supernatural mystery box.

Sign up for the CultureFly Supernatural summer 2019 box at the official website.