Ranking all three Black Mirror Season 5 episodes from crazy to insane

Black Mirror Season 5 on Netflix via Media Center
Black Mirror Season 5 on Netflix via Media Center /
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1. “Striking Vipers”

So much mystery surrounds the trailer, we simply did not know what to expect. The end result? A mindblowing Black Mirror masterpiece. This is what the anthology series is all about. If a friend who has never watched the series wants to know what it’s about, “Striking Vipers” is an episode you need to recommend they watch.

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“Striking Vipers” features a mindblowing concept that is perfectly executed, keeps us on our toes, shocks us, and hits us out of nowhere. I mean, who saw this coming?

In the trailer, we see Danny (Anthony Mackie) bored as can be. He clearly isn’t feeling his life as a married man, but what’s the solution? He seems to have become hooked on something, but what that is no one would have ever guessed. An affair? That was our initial thought, and we weren’t too wrong, but at the same time, we were completely wrong.

The plot and events that unfold in “Striking Vipers” are so wild, we don’t even want to spoil it here even though we’ve spoiled details about the first two episodes and gave a fair spoiler warning. You’ll just have to watch this one for yourself. And if you have seen it already, well — if you know, you know!

Rank: WTF did we just watch? “Striking Vipers” is off the charts insane, and we love it. 

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All five seasons of Black Mirror are streaming on Netflix.