Bob’s Burgers: Which season 2 episode is most underrated?


Bob’s Burgers Season 2 is unlike any of the other. With only a handful of episodes in the season, narrowing down an underrated episode is tough.

Looking back at Bob’s Burgers Season 1 is always bittersweet. Granted, it gave us the show we love but wasn’t the best in terms of quality. Since it was just getting started, many fans give it a free pass and or enjoy it for what it is. With season 1 out of the way through, it’s time to move onto Season 2.

A running theme is that the series always has a few standout episodes, maybe one or two bad but is mostly made up of good episodes. With each season, the series has a handful of underrated episodes. Since the series is on hiatus, what better time to look through each season and find the most underrated episode?

Before reading ahead, there will be spoilers for Bob’s Burgers. You will be spoiled for Season 2 if you haven’t yet watched. As per all these lists, this is only my opinion. If you don’t agree, feel free to share your thoughts or what episode you consider the most underrated from the said season.

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Season 2 of Bob’s Burgers can only be described as odd. It has the smallest amount of episodes of any season with nine total. This is not the show’s fault, but Fox’s. The show did pick them up for Season 2 but only aired nine of the episodes before moving to Season 3. If anything, it makes Season 2 even more of an oddity for both the series and at Fox.

Most of the later seasons have multiple underrated episodes. For Season 2, it’s incredibly tough to narrow it down. There are so few that it’s hard to pinpoint just one. Season 2 did introduce a lot more side characters than Season 1 including bringing in some of our favorites. Season 2 gave us Mickey, Darryl and Dr. Yap who’ve come to play larger roles as the series progressed.

An episode that stands out is “Bad Tina.” This was the show’s first “official” character-centric episode and it’s no surprise that it follows Tina. The episode is all about Tina having a rebellious phase after she makes friends with the new girl, Tammy. It’s a funny episode and gave us some of our best Tina lines including “Don’t have a crap attack!” The episode is memorable, but by no means underrated.

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Another memorable Season 2 episode is “Beefsquatch.” The episode follows Gene and Bob’s escalating feud as Bob host a cooking show while Gene dresses up like “Beefsquatch” to basically ruin the segment. This is both Bob and Gene to the max with the two eventually duking it out. Introducing Beefsquatch to the world was something that most of Bob’s Burgers fans won’t soon forget.

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With a few of the memorable episodes out of the way, it’s time to decide which Season 2 episode is underrated. Of the remaining seven, the most underrated has to be “Moody Foodie.” In a way, this was an unofficial Bob-centric episode.

After getting a bad review, Bob starts to question everything about the restaurant. It’s a storyline that a lot of us can relate to and reaffirms why the restaurant is so important to Bob. Coupled with Patton Oswalt guest-starring, “Moody Foodie” is one episode that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

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Which Bob’s Burgers Season 2 episode do you think is the most underrated? Do you agree with my choice? Be sure to let me know in the comments!