9-1-1 Season 3 premieres on FOX in September 2019

9-1-1 -- Cr. Michael Becker / FOX -- Acquired via FOX Flash
9-1-1 -- Cr. Michael Becker / FOX -- Acquired via FOX Flash /

9-1-1 Season 3 officially has a premiere date on FOX for the fall. Get ready for September 2019 with all you need to know right here.

It will soon be time for fall TV shows to return. 9-1-1 is one of those shows set to return and Season 3 now has an official premiere date.

FOX is the fourth primetime network to release its fall 2019 premiere dates. Now, all we’re waiting for is ABC to finalize everything. However, with FOX’s announcement, it means we know that 9-1-1 Season 3 will premiere on Sept. 23, 2019.

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There are a couple of things we need to remember about this premiere. It’s a Monday night but at 8 p.m. FOX opted to move the first responder drama so that it kicks off the week of TV and offers a great show to lead into the upcoming freshman drama Prodigal Son (premiering on the same day).

Unlike last year, there isn’t going to be a Sunday night premiere for 9-1-1. The Season 2 premiere was a two-part special, kicking off the new season, introducing Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Maddy, and starting off the earthquake that would take a few episodes to cover. It sounds like the plan this season is to have a contained storyline for the premiere.

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And there are certainly plenty of questions for the third season premiere. For the most part, our characters found themselves in a stable position. Well, all except for Buck. His foot was broken after the fire truck tipped over during the bombing. There’s a chance he’d never get to do his job again and his new girlfriend believes that may be a good thing for his safety.

What will happen in the future? Is this the end of the road for Buck or will he make a full recovery? How will Eddie cope without his wife around after her untimely and sad death? And what’s next for the rest of our favorite first responders?

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What questions do you have for 9-1-1 Season 3? Which was your favorite episode of Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

9-1-1 Season 3 premieres on Sept. 23 at 8/7c on FOX.