SDCC 2019: Jensen Ackles shares there’s still friction in Team Free Will 2.0

Don’t expect the friction between Team Free Will to have gone just because Jack isn’t around right now. Jensen Ackles shares it’s still there in Episode 4.

All eyes are on what to expect in Supernatural Season 15. The last day of filming Episode 4 (the first episode in production) will take place today. The boys are back and it’s time to learn what we can expect. Jensen Ackles teased some things during SDCC 2019, including the fact that Team Free Will 2.0 isn’t quite on the same page yet.

During the roundtable press interviews, he confirmed that the friction we saw at the end of Season 14 because of the way to handle Jack’s situation is still there. The first three episodes will deal with how to get the Winchesters and Castiel out of the current graveyard situation, while Episode 4 puts Sam and Dean on a case to keep their skills from getting rusty.

However, Cass and Dean are still dealing with their differing views on the Jack situation.

“They haven’t dealt with it yet, and I’m only four episodes in. There’s still some friction there.”

One thing to know is that the whole final season isn’t going to be about Sam, Dean, and Cass fighting zombies. “There’s another show that deals with that,” Ackles joked, referring to The Walking Dead, which stars Supernatural’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan. By the fourth episode of the season, the current situation is “contained, at least, to some degree,” and the brothers are able to head out on a case.

The conversation moved onto the feelings of the last season, the meaning for the show to the fandom, but also the tone that Ackles and his co-star, Jared Padalecki, set when they’re on set. One thing Jensen Ackles is proud of is having a set where guest stars are comfortable. He’s worked in toxic environments before and has never wanted that for the guest stars on his show.

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Check out the full interview with Jensen Ackles at SDCC about Supernatural Season 15 below.

What do you hope to see between Dean and Cass in Supernatural Season 15 when it comes to the friction? What do you hope happens in the overall season? What does the show mean to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Supernatural Season 15 premieres on Oct. 10 at 8/7c on The CW.