The Terror: Infamy: Would anyone have really believed in the ghost stories?

George Takei as Nobuhiro Yamato, Shingo Usami as Henry Nakayama - The Terror _ Season 2 - Photo Credit: Ed Araquel/AMC
George Takei as Nobuhiro Yamato, Shingo Usami as Henry Nakayama - The Terror _ Season 2 - Photo Credit: Ed Araquel/AMC /

The Japanese men discussed the ghost stories of old in The Terror: Infamy and believed something supernatural was afoot. Would this have really happened?

During The Terror: Infamy Episode 2, the supernatural elements of the story were introduced on a much larger scale. The Japanese men imprisoned started to talk about the spirits from the old land, and many of them believed that these spirits were really there.

Was this just something written into the series to add to the supernatural elements or would people of the time have believed in the spirits? Would they have left someone to die, believing them to be some sort of shapeshifting spirit?

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For some, that part of the storyline would have felt over the top, purely written for the horrors within the series. However, some would have certainly believed the old superstitions and ghost stories. They would have believed that the supernatural horrors of Japan had followed them.

George Takei told TIME that the story is organic. The belief of ghosts and superstitions was a real part of Japanese internment. The older generations brought their beliefs and rituals with them and told the stories of the past. And when these people faced the horrors they did, they cling to the securities of their beliefs. They look for reasons, even if they seem over the top and illogical.

"“When people are terrorized–genuine, government-sourced terror–older people cling onto what they found security in. People went crazy. And when crazy people do crazy things, the immigrant generation thought it was the spirit of whatever evil that was done coming to punish them.”"

After all, the mind doesn’t work on a logical level when it comes to fear. The fight or flight response kicks in, and we don’t tend to have much control over that. People do crazy things or believe that supernatural evil is coming to punish them for their deeds.

This part of The Terror: Infamy is extremely real. It’s a true look at how people react in times of crisis and terror. People had to find reasons and this was it.

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