5 good Hulu movies to watch on Thanksgiving weekend


Trying to decide what movies to stream on Hulu this Thanksgiving weekend? Well, look no further! Here are the five Hulu movies you can stream this holiday weekend.

Thanksgiving is here and it’s the perfect time to watch movies with the family. After the long hours of preparing food, there’s nothing like sitting on the couch and watching some great Thanksgiving movies. The holiday season can be exhausting and stressful especially with your family in town, so why not watch holiday movies to distract yourself?

A good movie can also keep you away from spending all your money shopping Black Friday deals. For an exciting Thanksgiving weekend with the family, here are the fives movies we recommend watching while eating leftover turkey!

Even after the Thanksgiving meal is over, it doesn’t mean the family leaves right away! They stay to chat wanting to know everything they’ve missed out on. All you are probably thinking in the moment is, “when will I have my house back?” But, not to worry, that is when you turn the TV, gather everyone around the living room, eat a Patti LaBelle pie and watch holiday movies on Hulu all weekend.

Nothing like laughing with the family or crying to make you think how thankful you are to be surrounded by the ones you love even if you are ready for them to leave.

Here are 5 good Hulu movies to watch during Thanksgiving weekend:

Instant Family

Some families you are born into and other families you have the opportunity to become apart of, that’s why Instant Family is the perfect movie to stream this weekend. There may be some mild language, but this comedy is suitable for your younger kids.

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Instant Family takes you on the real life journey of adopting and the struggles children have to adjust to their new home. It gives a real-life glimpse at what’s happening, but there is love, hope, and a happy ending in most cases. The movie takes you inside the life of Pete and Ellie starting their family as foster parents.

Pete and Ellie adopts three siblings and they instantly turn their world all the way around. This movie express how difficult is it for kids to adjust to new home and constantly wonder if their real parents will come back. It also shows viewers how every family is different and every family will be a totally different experience, but this movie captures a nice snapshot of some of the things that these families go through.

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Creed II

If you love watching the first Creed, then you will definitely enjoy Creed II with your family. It has the heart and impact of the Rocky Balboa franchises combined to the struggles of a younger man and fighter, the titular Creed feels with the weight of history, loss and legacy upon his shoulders. Anything with Micheal B. Jordan in it is bound to be wonderful.

Between personal obligations and training for his next fight, Adonis trains against the biggest fight of his life. Creed II follows the story of Adonis Creed facing off between Viktor Drago, the son of Ivan Drago. Ivan Drago killed Adonis’ father Apollo Creed back in the day during their match. With the biggest fight of his life on the line, Adonis faces a new challenge when Bianca (Tessa Thompson) becomes pregnant and new stakes are set.

Creed II highlights the importance of family and protecting the ones that matter the most. Keeping the legacy alive and never underestimating yourself despite the opponent. The movie takes you on a journey of rediscovering who you are and the power of family. If you remember, Creed II hit theaters last Thanksgiving weekend, so it’s the right choice to be featured on this list.

Forever My Girl 

A romantic drama is needed after a long day of cleaning and make sure your family is good to enjoy with your spouse without the kids. Forever My Girl is a beautiful story about love, family, forgiveness and redemption. It gives us a deeper understanding of family not only by blood but as a community.

Liam Paige is a country star returning home after leaving his fiancé Josie at the altar seven years ago. When Liam comes back home to visit, Josie forget to mention a little tiny secret to him all these years. Liam and Paige have a daughter together and now has to face the consequences of his actions.

Forever My Girl  teaches viewers how important forgiveness is, not only to those who have wronged us but for ourselves as well. I loved every bit of the movie; acting, music, production design, everything. I recommend it to everyone who has loved and lost; everyone who wants a second chance. After all, we all deserve second chances.

Dog Days

Dogs are the best part about the holidays, cuddling with them while slipping on hot chocolate. If you own or ever have owned a dog in your life or into a cheesy romantic comedy, you will enjoy Dog Days. Dog Days shows us how important dogs play a significant role in our everyday lives.

Dog Days follows the lives of multiple dog owners and the impact of their careers, friendships and romantic relationships play out into their everyday life. Can we talk about how the dogs are cute, witty, funny, and smart in this movie? I loved how the love of the dogs have for their owners was seen for a chance. A great storyline filled with fresh faces, young and old. A must-watch for the entire family to enjoy and maybe even your dog as well!

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Madea’s Big Happy Family 

I’m pretty positive everyone has watched all of Tyler Perry’s movies since he started doing movies. However, it never hurts to remember one of his older movies for Thanksgiving weekend. Madea’s Big Happy Family is hilarious and will keep your family glued to the TV while cleaning up.

After Shirley (Loretta Devine) relieves unfortunate news about her health, she asks Madea to gather all her family together to share the news. Things quickly escalate as secrets are revealed and lives are changed forever. This movie gives real life situations that occur in our families and how to handle the situation. Many families hide what really is going on for the sake of their children but sometimes it’s better to tell the truth than lose them forever.

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What will you be watching this Thanksgiving weekend with the family? What’s your favorite Thanksgiving movie? Let us know in the comments below!