The five biggest atrocities leaving Netflix in January 2020

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The Flintstones – ABC
The Flintstones – ABC /

The next two movies being dropped from Netflix are not funny. This is not up for debate, and it’s kind of sad because of the people involved.

Making movies for the family is commendable. There are some movies, however, that are so horrible they should be considered abuse when the parents show their children.

2. Daddy Day Care

At what point did Eddie Murphy’s agent start to hate him? Some of the other affronts to cinema may have caused doubt, but Daddy Day Care should remove all doubt. Whoever made the decision to do this movie is actively trying to sabotage Murphy both professionally and personally. If I didn’t know better, I’d suspect Mel B had something to do with getting him into this movie.

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The tepid, recycled humor is visual plague. In fact, it’s physically painful to watch someone as hilarious as Eddie Murphy have to go through the torture of being in this movie. Rather than watch this bomb, do something less painful like chaperone a group of feral children at Disney World in July.

3. The Flintstones

This movie should never have been made. Cartoons translated to live action rarely work out. Adding “rock” or “saurus” to every other word does not make something funny. This is elementary stuff, and nobody behind The Flintstones should have supported the creation.

John Goodman tried his hardest to save the rest of the cast, but it just wasn’t possible. While Fred Flintstone felt right, casting Rosie O’Donnell as Betty Rubble was universally stupid.