The five biggest atrocities leaving Netflix in January 2020

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2000 Diane Keaton stars in “Hanging Up.” Photo Columbia/Tristar
2000 Diane Keaton stars in “Hanging Up.” Photo Columbia/Tristar /

If you think the previous two weren’t funny, wait until you see the next two leeches that were hanging around Netflix.

Movies that insist they are funny, by continually poking the viewer with “isn’t that funny”-queries, are inevitably bland. Speaking of which…

4. The Informant

First of all, I refuse to put the exclamation point on the end of the movie title for two separate reasons. First, it’s pretentious as hell. Section, there is literally nothing in this complete snorefest that deserves the excitement or emphasis of an exclamation mark.

The only person who really liked this movie was Matt Damon’s mother. It’s painfully boring. Considering it’s intended to be funny, that’s a big problem. Laugh tracks shouldn’t be in movies unless tongue-in-cheek, but this film needed the assist.

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If you watch The Infomant on Netflix, the next recommendation from the streaming giant is a picture of the Zoloft Ball drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels while splayed out on a linoleum floor next to some Benadryl.

Director Steven Soderbergh tried way too hard on this one, and it’s a complete miss.

5. Something’s Gotta Give

Oh my word. What’s gotta give is my sanity, my tolerance, my grasp on reality, and my belief that anyone actually enjoys this atrocious movie.

Keanu Reeves had to pretend to be romantically interested in Diane Keaton. Rumor is, doing so made him so angry that it directly led to his blood-thirsty desires on John Wick. And Amanda Peet had to pretend to be Jack Nicholson’s love interest, which caused her to try out for the lead in John Wick. And let’s completely ignore that Nicholson’s character went from daughter to mother in the relationship department, which should have been extremely creepy at best.

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Leaders of Netflix, thanks for taking out the garbage. Given the others, however, you’re expected to do better next month.