Jill Morrison talks To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, Project Blue Book, and more

Photo: Jill Morrison.. Photo Credit: Noah Asanias
Photo: Jill Morrison.. Photo Credit: Noah Asanias /

Talented actress Jill Morrison chatted with us about her roles in projects like To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, Motherland: Fort Salem, and more!

Jill Morrison is an accomplished actress that has worked in the industry for many years now. You might recognize her as the iconic “crying girl” from Mean Girls or, more recently, from shows like The Twilight Zone, The Good Doctor, and playing Faye on Project Blue Book.

We had the chance to chat with Morrison about her work on Project Blue Book and she also teased her upcoming roles in the highly-anticipated sequel, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You as well as her role as Berryessa Tansey in Freeform’s witch-based series, Motherland: Fort Salem.

Hidden Remote: Can you tell us about your character on Motherland: Fort Salem?

Jill Morrison: Her name is Berryessa Tansey (best name ever). She is there to guide the girls, be an ear for them, to nurture them in a strong manner, which is something they need in this fierce world they live in. Berryessa has been where they are, accumulating and nourishing their power, and is there to help them win the war inevitably.

HR: What was your experience like working on the series, especially with so many female characters?

JM: It was an awesome experience! The cast and crew were incredible. I made some wonderful friends. It was an environment that was all about the story and telling it truthfully and honestly. The directors and producers allowed a lot of creativity and versatility in the scenes.

And it was wonderful to explore the relationships of the characters in this environment. We are all very excited for the world to see this unique show. We also laughed a lot and got to know each other through some pretty rad happy hours [Laughs.]

HR: Your character is described as a teacher who teaches her students to use their sexuality, how did you go about approaching the character with that sort of mindset?

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JM: The mindset I had, when teaching the girls about the power of their sexuality was really that, the power. And that’s what they needed to have to win this war.

To survive. But at the core of it, it’s about teaching them that they deserve anything they want. That they should be worshipped and adored. And I think that is an awesome message. So it was fun, and strengthening for me to do as an actress, and as a woman.

HR: What do you think will surprise people most about the series?

JM: I think what will surprise the audience most is just that, the surprises… the unexpected. Characters are not whom they appear to be. You will not guess what will happen! I love that myself when I’m watching a show.

HR: Can you tell us a little bit about Faye’s arc on the new season of Project Blue Book?

JM: As we saw in Season 1, Faye is a dedicated and loyal employee. A strong, smart woman. In Season 2, her relationships get to develop especially with Mimi and her dedication to Quinn continues to thrive. I can’t say much more!

Except she is strong and brave, as are the other characters. I was lucky enough to do some higher stakes scenes this season. The show is even more amazing this time around, and I pinch myself that I’m a part of it. Can’t wait for the world to see it!

Jill Morrison
Photo: Jill Morrison.. Photo Credit: Noah Asanias /

HR: Do you think that genre-heavy shows like Motherland and Project Blue Book are more fun than traditional genres? Do you enjoy acting on sci-fi and fantasy-based projects?

JM: Not necessarily. I love all kinds of storytelling. I love watching what is inherently a simple scene between two people, to a crazy show with lots of action. It’s all exciting to me if the storytelling is done right. And the acting is good.

But do I love acting in sci-fi or fantasy? Sooooooo much. It’s so fun! And so interesting to see how other people work and how it all works (the special effects are fascinating to me!) and fantasy is truly what inspired me as a child Jurassic Park, E.T., Close Encounters, etc.

HR: You’re also in the upcoming Netflix movie, To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, in a role much different tonally than Motherland or Project Blue Book. What was it like for you to play a comedic character?

JM: I couldn’t wait to see it, I actually saw it recently at the premiere in Hollywood! Fancy! My background really is comedy so I feel very comfortable and free playing roles like Dorothy. Especially because they allowed me to do a lot of improvisation, which is also a big part of my background.

It’s a fun romantic movie, I think many people will enjoy it. It’s very different from Project Blue Book or Motherland, and I feel so fortunate to be able to work on such different projects.

HR: Did you enjoy getting to improv? Do you prefer that to a set script? 

JM: I don’t prefer improvisation to a set script, I really love working on lines and scenes and developing and creating characters within that. But I love improv and I love any chance I have to do it.

It’s a thrill in my life to have that skill, but also to continue to nurture it with classes and performing (UCB) in LA is my most recent spot for that. What I love most is being allowed to improvise around a set script. Like I got to do in To All the Boys 2. That is the most satisfying and fun!

HR: Thanks to Jill Morrison for chatting with us!

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Project Blue Book is currently airing its second season. To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You premieres on February 12 and Motherland: Fort Salem will premiere on March 18.