Love is Blind on Netflix: Predicting which couples will get married

Love is Blind is Netflix’s new reality series that helps singles find love — but there’s a huge catch! Let’s predict which couples will walk down the aisle and who’ll leave.

*Updated Feb. 20*

On Love is Blind, 15 single men go on various speed dates with 15 single women to find a match. They get to know each other for 10 days and, in the end, propose to who they believe to be in love with. Only after they are engaged do they get to see what each other looks like. Will an emotion connection be enough or will looks matter in the end?

It’s an interesting and unique concept, and the format of being able to binge-watch multiple episodes is a lot of fun! Netflix dropped the first five episodes, which features the singles getting to know each other and selecting a partner. We also get to see them go to Cancun, Mexico on vacation to continue bonding.

Next week, Feb. 20, the streaming titan will debut four more episodes. These will see the couples meeting each other’s families and living together. Finally, the wedding episode will premiere Feb. 27. Who will make it to the wedding and who won’t?

Spoilers ahead if you just started watching! 

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Love is Blind, Mark Cuevas

LOVE IS BLIND on Netflix.. Photo courtesy Netflix

From the five engaged couples, here are our Love is Blind predictions: 

Jessica and Mark

Will they get married? Not a chance!

There is no way Jessica is going through with the wedding, and that’s unfortunate. Mark has been all in 100% since the beginning. He’s fully committed and ready to start a family with Jessica, but her heart (lust, if we’re being honest) belongs to Barnett. We’re not sure Barnett is interested any more, though.

After Feb. 20: After checking out the new episodes, this is still a big NO. Jessica is giving us all whiplash. I don’t know why she is dragging this out so much, she’ll be saying no in the end and we all know it.

Barnett and Amber

Will they get married? Maybe. 

These two made an instant physical connection when they finally met. Amber appears to want to be with Barnett (I don’t believe she’s in love, but she does care). From the previews, there seems to be some conflict between Amber and Barnett’s brother, whom he’s really close to. Family drama may get in the way, but if they push through it, it could happen.

After Feb. 20: Barnett is freaking out! He’s not sure he wants to make this move, and is afraid of disappointing his family, but will he follow his heart?

Lauren and Cameron

Will they get married? Yes! 

Mark may be our favorite single, but Lauren and Cameron our our favorite couple on Love is Blind. They were the first to make a connection (from what we were shown, anyway) and seem to truly care for each other. They face some struggles due to race, but they seem to be willing to fight through it. I’m pretty confident they will walk down the aisle together.

After Feb. 20: Whoa…maybe! How did this change into a “maybe”? Out of nowhere, well, after Lauren chatted with her dad, she is now in two minds. We’re not sure what will end up happening here.

LOVE IS BLIND on Netflix.. Photo courtesy Netflix

Kelly and Kenny

Will they get married? Yes! 

Kelly and Kenny are the sweetest, most unproblematic couple. They are all about their relationship and, unlike Barnett and Amber and Lauren and Cameron, don’t have any obstacles that could come in between them,  that we know of.

After Feb. 20: These guys are all in and I want to think that they still want to be married.

Giannina and Damian

Will they get married? Probably not. 

To me, Giannina and Damian just don’t seem compatible. They have different backgrounds, lifestyles, and personalities. Sure, opposites attract, but not this much. She’s loud, pushy, and admitted that she self-sabotages. Meanwhile, Damian seems quiet and super chill. They may clash too much in the episodes to come to get through the wedding.

After Feb. 20: Yeah, it’s not looking to good. In fact, we’ve come up with the guess that Giannina is the runaway bride from the teasers.

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What are your predictions for the show? Do you believe Mark and Jessica will exchange vows? Share your predictions with us!