The Letter for the King Season 1, Episode 1: Binge this now!

Many of us are binge watching right now so The Letter for the King couldn’t have showed up at a better time. But is it worth the six-episode watch?

Season 1, Episode 1 of The Letter for the King is titled, “Storm clouds gather.” This six-episode series was released on Netflix this weekend. This was always the plan, but with so many people home and using the streaming service, many are experiencing throttled viewing quality.

If you’re not having troubles (and maybe even if you are), you’re probably spending a lot of your time on the binge-watch train. I’ve been looking forward to The Letter for the King since I learned it was on the way, so I was happy to find I had minimal issue watching.

Spoiler alert: We’ve discussed a lot of details, storyline, and shared the trailer below. If you don’t want to know anything ahead of time, consider coming back after you stream Episode 1 of The Letter for the King!

Fans of Outlander or Game of Thrones will find a teensy taste of their old standbys in this show. There’s a feel of old times like you see in Outlander. Rustic clothing, horses, and mead all make their appearances.

There is a major underlying political thread to the story and it comes to be one of two main focal points in the plot. This reminded me of the twisting paths in Game of Thrones. I won’t venture to mislead you, though. There is nowhere near the amount of visual amazement in The Letter for the King.

Still, it doesn’t take long to see the final underlying essence of the story which is largely unexplained. In just the first episode, we realize there is something special about our main character, Tiuri (Amir Wilson). He definitely has supernatural events happening in his world, which is a delightful addition if you’re a fan of weird or magical stuff.

In a nutshell, Tiuri is a young man who is about to enter the contest to become a knight. In Dagonaut, this honor can only be won. We get Tiuri’s backstory as well, learning that the reason he does not look like, nor is he treated like all his peers, is that he was rescued from Eviellan. That has much more meaning than it is originally given credit.

Tiuri and his mother were rescued by Sir Tiuri, who then gave the boy his name and trained him, raising him as his own. Tiuri is known for being a bleeding heart type who “never turned his back on anyone or anything that needed his help.” This is an important fact because it lends to his choices as the story progresses.

By the end of Episode 1 of The Letter for the King, we know much about our lead character’s origins, but there is still something we aren’t getting. Even Tiuri himself is not aware of why he’s hearing whispers and why the birds and plants seem to be trying to communicate with him.

When he is asked for help from Vokia, assistant to the Black Knight, Tiuri makes the decision to go help, as anticipated. This puts him at risk and angers his fellow knight hopefuls, as he’s broken their required vigil. The Black Knight bestows upon him this important letter he’s to deliver to the king at any cost, and an oddly intuitive horse, to get him there.

The rest of the series follows him on that journey. He must evade the Red Riders, who are seeking the stolen letter, authorities who believed he was the one that killed the Black Knight, and a host of other bad folks who want him or the letter for one reason or another. Danger is everywhere and no one can be trusted.

He teams up with a female lead, Lavinia (Ruby Ashbourne Serkis), who has plenty of street smarts and helps him keep a level head while he navigates the underground world of thieves and killers, sneaking his way to the king. All the while, he is trying to figure out who he really is and what the voices are trying to say.

Fun fact: Lavinia’s father on The Letter to the King, is played by her real-life father.

The show starts to pick up once we have enough backstory and the politics have been explained out. The antagonist(s) get revealed and the magic starts to happen a little bit more often. The remaining five episodes will follow Tiuri on his journey to deliver the letter for the king and show us exactly what makes him so special.

I know the end is coming fast so I’m not sure how I’ll feel about that. I can tell you the series is book-based and there’s lots more to use. Fans are pulling for Season 2, but so far, nothing is confirmed by Netflix.

I found myself rapidly hitting the “next episode” button, making this a solid yes on my personal binge-o-meter. So far, it’s pretty family-friendly for the young adult groups, so that’s a huge plus while I’m at home with my kiddies for a while.

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I’m looking forward to the finish and I hope you’ll give it a try! There’s action, plot twists, and a few mysteries to theorize about as you go. And since we only have six episodes to watch, you could effectively make a day of it if you’re sitting around the house looking for things to watch. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Check out The Letter for the King, streaming on Netflix now!