The Letter for the King on Netflix: Your new favorite fantasy series

THE LETTER FOR THE KING on Netflix, photo courtesy Netflix
THE LETTER FOR THE KING on Netflix, photo courtesy Netflix /

The Letter for the King is now streaming on Netflix. This new young adult series brings politics, adventure, and magic into one, to keep you on the edge of your seat!

When I first saw the promo trailer for The Letter for the King, I was immediately interested. It didn’t really stick in my mind that there was an element of magic, so that turned out to be a really cool treat. In fact, it was one of the things that really kept me excited about each next episode.

Because this is a young adult story, it’s appropriate for most age groups. There is a lot of action, but not a lot of blood and death, so you don’t have to worry too much. Those scenes that do include violence are fairly mild and to the point, so they pass quickly. There’s also no concern about nudity or mature scenarios. Only one little kiss scene turns up, which ultimately is quite filled with inspiration and not focused on the physical aspect of it.

The bottom line on this is that it’s safe to watch with your older children and anyone that age or above will likely find it intriguing or is a fan of the fantasy genre.

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Netflix couldn’t have released this at a better time since so many people are turning to the streaming service to keep occupied while being asked to stay at home for a time. And since the whole series is only six episodes, it’s something you can go ahead and click through if you have the time set aside for viewing.

When I first started the series, I was looking for that historical fiction or action of Outlander, Game of Thrones, or Vikings. Once I started watching, it was apparent that this was not of that exact caliber. Although, that is not to say that it isn’t still excellent in its own category.

I really enjoyed the series and am certainly pulling for a second season. When I gave my thoughts after the first episode, I mentioned that I was anxious to see if they would wrap up the story or leave it open for more installments. After finishing, I have to say there’s clearly room for more adventure from this lot.

The Letter for the King is based on a book, and was previously adapted as a film. This means there is plenty of material to build on. And the magic I talked about earlier grew more and more relevant as the story continued. That actually brings me to one element of this show that I found really superb.

Tiuri (Amir Wilson) is a young man who is suddenly tasked with delivering a critical letter to the King. He is given a horse and a mission without any information about what the letter says. He has to battle knights, weirdos, and his peers, in order to get to his goal.

The Letter for the King is being very well received by those who’ve already checked it out. It’s gaining traction quickly, thanks to social media platforms like Twitter. One viewer described it as “‘Game of Thrones’ meets ‘Lord of the Rings’ meets ‘Willow’ meets ‘Goonies.'” I have to agree, that’s right on the nose.

You’re going to see the classic elements presented with action, drama, danger, inspirational monologue, life lessons, and a dot of love story. All of this comes together with a touch of supernatural enhancement to keep it just a little unexpected.

In the end, there was a “battle” of sorts. This was anticipated, but after the major twist that happens just after the halfway mark of the series, the showdown turns out much different from I could have predicted.

In fact, I was looking for a major scene of action-packed destruction. I did get that to a degree, but in such a way I can’t recall seeing before now. The entire confrontation took place in total silence. There was no aggressive force, no stressed faces, just the simple element of what was happening.

It was beautifully executed, and at times, the view of the scene was from afar, offering a rich visual experience. There was some truly beautiful artwork involved with this creation. When the end came, it was perfectly dramatic and realistic. Very basic, yet so perfect.

As for the rest of the story, our heroes suffered a loss, got their just due in society, discovered who they were as individuals, and set out paths for a future in the story. The main character, Tiuri, has a lot going for him as a leader risen from the lowest ranks.

And the other hero we didn’t really see coming has a big quest, as well. Their lingering backstory was never filled in and is surely the meat of any next plotline. I know I want to know pretty badly, so I assume the trek to get those answers would be a perfect journey for the unlikely group of saviors.

Check out the trailer here:

I hope you’ll take the time to fit The Letter for the King into your watching schedule while you’re home for now! Even if you’re still able (or required) to get out and do what you do, this is a fun way to unwind and get a little magic in your (or your older kids’) lives!

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The Letter for the King is streaming now on Netflix!