Watch One Day At A Time Season 4, Episode 3 live online

Penelope has to give Alex “a talk.” Here’s what to expect and how to watch One Day at a Time Season 4, Episode 3 live.

One Day at a Time continues to welcome new viewers into the lives of the Alvarez family all while keeping familiar fans entertained with new stories. Episode 2 highlighted Alex’s new relationship, Penelope’s struggles with buying a new couch, and Elena taking responsibility for the family’s car being broken in to.

Episode 3 is set to tackle a new, personal layer in Penelope’s relationship with those closest to her. The official synopsis reveals that Pen will ask Alex about “healthy human sexuality,” and that she will have to defend herself from Lydia’s criticisms. Uh oh!

On the surface, it sounds like Pen may be forced to have a personal discussion with her son regarding his new relationship with Olivia. Are they moving too fast for their age? You may be led to believe that until you watch the brief clip from “Boundaries” below, which reveals this tough discussion may actually be prompted by Alex walking in on Penelope!

What kind of new boundaries will have to be set in their household going forward? Like the synopsis suggests, I’m sure Lydia will have plenty to say on the topic while bringing her own kind of lightheartedness to the table. Elena is also likely to chime in with her thoughts.

But what about Schneider? While he’s far from being the perfect role model for her kids, it could be a fun twist to see Penelope request his (appropriate) insight considering Elena and Alex don’t have a prominent father figure present.

While we anxiously wait for the new episode to air, check out this suspenseful preview of Penelope’s latest therapy session:

Penelope is propelled to ask Alex about healthy human sexuality and defends herself from Lydia’s criticisms.

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You won’t want to miss One Day at a Time tonight, so be sure to check out the live streaming details below. And if you can’t watch it live, be sure to catch up the next day on Pop’s website.

Date: Tuesday, Apr. 7
Start Time: 9:30/8:30 C
Episode: Season 4, Episode 3, “Boundaries”
TV Channel: Pop TV, TV Land
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