4 questions after watching One Day At A Time Season 4, Episode 5

Photo Credit: One Day At A Time/Netflix Image Acquired from Netflix Media Center
Photo Credit: One Day At A Time/Netflix Image Acquired from Netflix Media Center /

Will Elena get in to Yale? Will Max propose to Penelope? Here are four big questions we have after watching One Day At A Time Season 4, Episode 5.

We’re already one episode away from the One Day at a Time midseason finale! With that being said, there are plenty of questions that we have coming out of Episode 5, which was appropriately titled “Perfect.” While there were plenty of laughs, we also saw a number of serious moments as everyone prepares for their next chapter.

From picking a college to choosing a new hobby, all the way from expecting a baby to a possible engagement – the Alvarez/Schneider families are staying busy. Here’s what we want to know before Season 4 ends.

Which Ivy League school will Elena attend?

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Elena is preparing for the next chapter of her life at an Ivy League school. In Episode 5, she worked to narrow down the topic of her application essay for Yale. It sounds like she’s going to write about “general gay stuff” as Elena does.

Playing off the fact that this episode was titled “Perfect,” I have to wonder what kind of roadblocks Elena will face when trying to get accepted into her top schools. We know she’s smart and gifted, but it would be too easy to get in on the first try, right? I feel like a lesson in humility and set-backs is around the corner.

Will Schneider and Avery learn their baby’s gender?

Schneider and Avery had their first doctor’s appointment with Berkowitz to confirm that everything was going well with their baby. Berkowitz seemingly learned the baby’s gender but failed to inform the parents-to-be. Ultimately, they decided they were fine not knowing.

Knowing that Berkowitz is the keeper of this “secret,” I have to wonder if he will let it slip to someone like Lydia along the way. We know how well they can keep secrets, so how will that affect Schneider and Avery?

How long will Alex continue pursuing fashion?

I was pleasantly surprised by Alex’s new storyline where he revealed he needed $500 to join a fashion design class. Penelope and Lydia were surprised as well, and it was heartwarming to see Pen and Alex have a heart-to-heart about his new passion.

With that being said, I’m curious to see how this plays out in the rest of Season 4. Will his girlfriend be supportive? Will Elena tease him for it? I really hope this storyline is brought up frequently as Alex continues to blossom.

Will Max propose to Penelope?

Max was absent from Episode 5, but the preview for the next episode of One Day at a Time teased a full moon affecting everyone’s emotions. More specifically, we catch a glimpse of Max getting down on one knee! Penelope seems oblivious to his actions, thinking that he’s getting down to her eye-level. So, is everything as it seems?

Promos can be used to make us think one thing is happening, yet I could see Max wanting to take their relationship to the next level. If this is a proposal, will Penelope say yes? What will her kids think? Will Lydia be supportive?

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What questions do you have for the rest of One Day at a Time Season 4? Do you think Max will propose to Penelope? Sound off below!

Catch the One Day at a Time midseason finale on Tuesday, April 28, at 9:30/8:30c on Pop TV.