Too Hot to Handle’s disappointing ending was completely unfair

Too Hot to Handle on Netflix, photo courtesy Netflix
Too Hot to Handle on Netflix, photo courtesy Netflix /

Now that the first season of Too Hot to Handle is behind us, it’s time to talk about how the prize money was unfairly awarded.

The premise of Too Hot to Handle is simple: Invite a bunch of horny singles on an island, make it as inviting as possible, then tell them there is a reward at the end of the experience. Step two is to tell them the reward is only possible through celibacy.

To make matters worse, the money decreases when people show any form of intimacy. The final money distribution, however, doesn’t appear to be very fair.

Warning: Massive spoilers ahead. If you haven’t watched the entire season of Too Hot to Handle, stop now.

What was the total prize money?

While there were more than ten people on Too Hot to Handle, ultimately the season ended with only ten. The group started with $100,000 as a possible prize, and despite the best efforts of the accountant, the group dropped a considerable amount of money from the total prize.

Thankfully, Lana, the robotic host of the show, provided a single opportunity to reclaim some of the lost prize money.

When Lana started telling people to stand up to claim their portion of the prize, however, it’s no surprise some of the people on the show were unhappy. Especially when Francesca and Harry both get called first. Then Sharron and Rhonda second.

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The four biggest rule breakers on the show step up first to be rewarded for breaking the rules? That doesn’t make a lot of sense. Kelz specifically mentioned how breaking the rules should result in forfeiture of the prize.

The final tally was $75,000 for ten people, and it was absurdly, repugnantly divided evenly among all ten people: $7,500 each.

How it should have been divided

Not all of the singles on Too Hot to Handle deserved to win money. Full stop. The breakdown should have been based upon indiscretion first, then growth.

Group A: $13,000 each

The two biggest winners should have been Nicole and Kelz. They both showed growth, resisted temptation, and were generally all-in. Kelz even resisted the show’s primary villain Francesca.

Group B: $10,000 each

This prize is reserved for the people who shared a single kiss on the show. That’s Bryce when he shared his only kiss with Chloe. Similarly, Lydia and David got together. These three deserve more than the remaining five.

Group C: $7,000 each

Only Chloe belongs in this group. She seemingly wanted to kiss every man on the show, but only ended up kissing Bryce and Kori, whom she apparently loved. Breaking the rules twice is worse than once, and money should be deducted as a result. On the other hand, it’s definitely better than any sexual acts.

Group D: $4,000 each

Sharron and Rhonda should get some money for growing on the show, but they did cost the entire group $16K with their undefined romp session. They must have done everything but the final deed, or stayed on 2nd/3rd for an extended duration.

Group E: $2,000 each

The final cash prize for Harry and Francesca is more of a “thanks for keeping Too Hot to Handle interesting the entire time”-reward. They don’t actually deserve any of the prize. As the above video clarifies, all they had to do was keep their pants on. They obviously didn’t care about the rules, the other people, the money, or anything other than their carnal desires.

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Too Hot to Handle is finished for Season 1, but the cast is attempting to parlay their Netflix experience into some cash in the aftermath.