9-1-1 Season 3: Athena is the woman we should all strive to be

9-1-1: Angela Bassett in the “Fools” episode of 9-1-1 airing Sunday, March 23 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Jack Zeman / FOX. © 2020 FOX MEDIA LLC.
9-1-1: Angela Bassett in the “Fools” episode of 9-1-1 airing Sunday, March 23 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Jack Zeman / FOX. © 2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. /

If you want to be inspired by any fictional character, it has to be Athena on 9-1-1. Here’s how Season 3, Episode 17 reminded us of why.

I’ll happily admit that the main reason I tuned into 9-1-1 when it first premiered was Angela Bassett. And one of the reasons I immediately stuck around was Athena Grant. This is a woman that we should all strive to be, and 9-1-1 Season 3, Episode 17 reminded us of that.

Since “Athena Begins,” we seem to have focused more on the other characters. That’s not too surprising. After all, there is a lot going on in the show. Athena’s storylines have mostly been around her home life, and I love that the show gives us time to see this. The most recent episode was devastating, but it put the focus back on this powerful woman who will do whatever it takes to get justice.

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Had it not been for the promo of the episode making it clear Athena would get out of that fight alive, the moments in the storage locker would have been far more intense. I’d have felt the same shock and fear that Bobby would have felt hearing the struggle and the gunshot had I not already known Athena was going to be alive.

However, it didn’t take from the power of the events or the moments that came after it. May reminds us that we should inspire to be like Athena. In the hospital, May made it clear that she wanted her mom to be in the prom photos. While Athena may have preferred to be bruise-free, May pointed out that Athena got those bruises because she was getting justice. Athena did what she had to do to bring an awful man down. That is something to be proud of.

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There are some who will question why Athena went in alone, but it’s not like she didn’t tell anyone where she was going. She knew backup was on the way.


No matter what, Athena has always trusted her gut. She’s listened to evidence and taken steps to ensure justice is served. Sometimes it’s gotten her in trouble, but at the end of the day, she gets the job done and she’s a woman her daughter can look up to and be inspired to be. Athena is someone we can inspire to be.

It looks like 9-1-1 is going to follow with a storyline of doubt. During the promo for the Season 3 finale, Athena says that she’s hanging up the badge. She’s done being a cop, and it’s likely the trauma from the attack. Let’s hope that this is a blip and Athena can get her confidence back. She deserves to after the good work she did to bring down the serial rapist.

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The 9-1-1 Season 3 finale airs on Monday, May 11 at 8/7c on FOX.