Station 19: Maya’s denial because she sees her father in herself?

STATION 19 - ABC/Erin Simkin
STATION 19 - ABC/Erin Simkin /

Carina says Maya is in denial about her abusive father on Station 19. However, could it be fear because Maya sees her father in herself?

Station 19 has brought us more about Maya throughout Season 3. The latest episodes involved Maya’s mom coming to town to say that she’s leaving Maya’s father. And it’s all due to abuse. Understandably, Maya shut her mom down, not viewing her father as abusive.

Carina believes Maya is in denial. And maybe she is. While some of that denial is through love for her father, there’s also fear. Maya is more like her father than her mother, and that possibly scares her. She likely sees her father in herself, which hints that she can be abusive, too.

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There’s no doubt that we’ve seen her tough love. She pushes people to the extreme, forgetting that they’re not all Olympic athletes. I’ll admit that Maya has never been a character I liked due to her bullying nature, but now it’s starting to make a little more sense. That bullying nature has been taught to her by her dad.

Her father used silent treatment when Maya failed to do something he expected. He made her walk home after a track meet just because she failed to beat her own time. Maya says that it was tough love and her success at the Olympics was because of her father. While she may think it is, it doesn’t take away from her father’s abusive nature.

It certainly doesn’t take away from Maya’s abusive nature. When things get hard, she pushes people away. When they don’t act the way that she wants them to, she gives them the cold shoulder. We’re seeing it with Carina (who deserves to be more than just a plot device on both Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy, by the way) as Maya is doing everything she can to hurt Carina and force her out. Rather than have a grown-up conversation about it, Maya is acting the way her father would.

It’s scary to realize you’re becoming someone you don’t want to be like. Or it’s scary to realize that you’re becoming someone nobody likes. Then there’s the fear of others viewing Maya as abusive because she’s learned her father’s traits.

This storyline is going to take more than one episode to cover. I have a feeling it’s going to be something to cover during Station 19 Season 4.

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