Bob’s Burgers: Which Season 4 episode is most memorable?

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Which Season 4 episode of Bob’s Burgers is still memorable now?

Season 3 is easily one of the best seasons of Bob’s Burgers. The seasons coming after it might not hold up as much but are still worthwhile. Case in point, Season 4 of Bob’s Burgers might not be anyone’s favorite. However, it’s still a solid season with some standout episodes especially its holiday episodes.

Season 4 aired one less episode than Season 3 but it became the norm from the rest of the series as most seasons have had 22 episodes. Season 4 also gave us some incredible holiday episodes including one for Super Bowl Sunday.

The major achievement for Season 4 was that it featured the show’s first two-part episode and gave us a small glimpse into what an hour-long episode of Bob’s would look like. Season 4 might not have broken the mold but it featured all of the charm Season 3 had and more.

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Rather than looking at the most underrated episode from each season, I’m going to focus on which episode is the most memorable. Whether it be because of a milestone, a special guest-star, or some awesome character development, it’s all about which episode people still talk about today. With all the details about Season 4 out of the way, let’s talk memorable episodes.

Season 4 has three honorable mentions still deserving of attention today.

The first memorable episode(s) has to be the two-part episode: “Wharf Horse” and “World Wharf II: The Wharfening.” These episodes follow Bob and his family as they disagree on what should happen to Wonder Wharf. Eventually, things come to a head when Mr. Fischoeder’s brother Felix doesn’t get his way. The episode is surprisingly dark for Bob’s Burgers episode and it isn’t afraid to push the envelope at any point.

Additionally, the episode features some great songs, some unforgettable Belcher family moments and is among the show’s best season finales. While it might not be the top episode of Season 4, it’s still a great episode to look back on and see how much the show was doing early on.

The second episode is none other than “Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mercial.” As previously mentioned, this was the Super Bowl Sunday episode. To try and attract customers, Bob buys commercial time during the Super Bowl and uses a former NFL player to do it. Things go great until Jimmy Pesto does the same thing. It truly feels like a war between the two but I won’t say who comes out on top.

This was such an interesting take on the Super Bowl Sunday episode. It was wacky and funny while also featuring a great family commercial. Sports might not be the focus of Bob’s Burgers but this episode felt incredibly realistic. Even non-sports fans can appreciate it which is a feat to behold. It’s the only Super Bowl episode the show has produced but hopefully won’t be the last.

Rounding out the honorable mentions is “The Equestranauts.” This episode almost beat out the number one pick but the next episode edged it out. That’s not to say “The Equestranauts” isn’t great because it is. The episode follows Tina attending an Equestranauts convention and getting swindled by a fellow fan who is akin to a “Brony.” To try and get back her horse, Bob must go undercover as a Brony and hijinks ensue from there.

“The Equestranauts” has all the makings of an excellent Bob’s Burgers episode. The story is unique without being too off-the-wall. The writing is incredible and nothing about the episode falls flat. The episode is also funny, heartfelt and truly unlike anything the show has produced before then. Even now, “The Equestranauts” is an episode worth rewatching.

And the most memorable Season 4 episode of Bob’s Burgers is…

As for the most memorable episode of Season 4, “Turkey in a Can” was an easy pick for the top spot. Serving as Season 4’s Thanksgiving episode, “Turkey In A Can” is just a normal holiday for the Belchers. The episode features Bob who wants to do a three-day brine on his turkey but somehow the turkey keeps ending up in the toilet. Everyone in the house is on high alert until they eventually feature out what’s happening.

Of all the episodes in Season 4, “Turkey in a Can” offers so much. The premise is absolutely bonkers but once explained, makes total sense. It focuses on the entire family while including some of our favorite side characters. There are a lot of funny moments including Bob’s interactions with the butcher at the grocery store and Tina’s attempts at being an adult. Then there’s their classic Thanksgiving song which became a tradition for Bob’s Burgers.

Overall, “Turkey in A Can” has all the trimmings and makes for one of if not the best Thanksgiving episode. The episode never gets old and continually tops lists of the best Thanksgiving TV episodes. “Turkey in a Can” is easily the Season 4 episode no one can forget about and it’s easy to see why.

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Season 4 of Bob’s Burgers is currently streaming on Hulu. 

Which Season 4 episode of Bob’s Burgers do you think is most memorable? Any episodes you think I missed? Be sure to let us know in the comments!