Bob’s Burgers: Which Season 5 episode is most memorable?

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Which Bob’s Burgers Season 5 episode is still remembered now?

Season 5 of Bob’s Burgers is easily one of the most underrated seasons. Maybe it’s due to the amount of character-driven episodes over plot-driven episodes. It might also be due to the fact of Season 5 having a shorter episode order.

Either way, Season 5 of Bob’s Burgers doesn’t seem to get as much love as the other seasons. However, it doesn’t mean Season 5 is bad but rather not a favorite among fans.

While the other seasons have their charms, Season 5 doesn’t have many milestones. Other than it featuring a shorter episode order, the season also kicks off with the show’s most ambitious musical moment yet.

More on that later, but Season 5 seems to be middle-of-the-road aside from its focus on the show’s characters and their relationships. Either way, Season 5 is still a good season and has some enjoyable episodes.

Rather than looking at the most underrated episode from each season, I’m going to focus on which episode is the most memorable. Whether it be because of a milestone, a special guest-star, or some awesome character development, it’s all about which episode people still talk about today. With all the details about Season 5 out of the way, let’s talk memorable episodes.

These three Season 5 episodes are close to the top but not quite as memorable.

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As mentioned above, the Season 5 premiere, “Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl” is one of the most ambitious musical moments on Bob’s Burgers. The episode features Gene and Courtney putting on competing musicals of Working Girl and Die Hard respectfully.

Their competition comes to a head when the two finally realize the musicals are going on and it’s a surprisingly odd combination but one that works out in the end.

Overall, the episode remains one of the best musical moments the show has ever produced and is among one of the best season premieres ever.

The next standout episode is actually the Season 5 finale, “The Oeder Games.” This episode follows Bob organizing Mr. Fischoeder’s tenants to form a rent strike. Things go great until the plan backfires and everyone starts to turn against Bob.

This is truly a quintessential Bob episode in which he tries to do good and the universe just won’t allow it. This episode is funny and surprisingly realistic at times so it was the perfect way to cap off Season 5.

The last honorable mention surprisingly shares a common theme with the most memorable episode and it’s “Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise.” This episode is one of the few times we see cracks in Bob and Louise’s relationship.

This time, it’s due to Bob hiring Logan, Louise’s nemesis, and picking his garden over her. Their relationship is explored throughout the episode and it’s nice to see completely different sides to Bob and Louise. Overall, it’s a fantastic episode and created a tone for the following episode.

And the most memorable Season 5 episode of Bob’s Burgers is…

The most memorable episode of Season 5 has to be “Hawk & Chick.” This is another episode focusing on Bob and Louise’s relationship. This time, the two want to have a screening of a classic movie they love and have the father-daughter duo reunite.

Things go awry when they find out the two are estranged and make it their mission to help them. “Hawk & Chick” is easily one of the most heartfelt episodes of Bob’s Burgers ever produced.

The episode does a great job of exploring Bob and Louise’s relationship and showing how much they love each other. It’s especially touching when Louise expresses that she doesn’t want to have a strained relationship with Bob ever.

While some might point to other episodes, this one easily has the most heart of any Bob’s Burgers up to that point. Overall, “Hawk & Chick” is easily the most memorable episode of Season 5.

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