Big Brother 22 Week 6: Who won the POV?

Who won the POV on Big Brother 22 on Sept. 15?

This week, Dani’s HOH reign got blown up when a new power was activated in the Big Brother 22 house, forcing her to nominate a third person for eviction. With blood up to her elbows, this week’s POV competition was Dani’s only hope of salvaging her HOH reign.

Was she able to pull out the win? Let’s talk about what happened last night on Big Brother 22.

Dani’s HOH gets disrupted

Although Dani initially had her sights set on targeting Tyler, she would ultimately nominate David and Kevin for eviction on Sunday night’s episode.

Unbeknownst to her was that David possessed the Disruptor Power, which provides him the opportunity to void any one of the HOH’s nominations for the next two weeks. With his game now in jeopardy, David decided now was as good of a time as any to active the power, and so he did.

Just hours after Dani made her nominations, the HouseGuests were called to sit around the kitchen table once again as an ominous voice announced that David was no longer eligible for eviction. Although David would act surprised at this revelation, The Committee wasn’t buying it.

However, Dani would have bigger fish to fry as she would ultimately have to name another nominee. With few people outside of her alliance to pick from, Dani would choose to nominate Tyler, despite having made a deal with him that they wouldn’t target each other until the Final Six.

Of course, this nomination would stun her allies, including Tyler, and although Dani would reassure him that she simply panicked, Tyler was skeptical and would say in the DR that he was determined to win the POV.

Following this conversation, Dani would go to speak with Christmas to reassure her that she was still faithful to The Committee and to prepare Christmas for the possibility that if Tyler won the POV, she might need to go up on the block as a pawn.

In the DR, Christmas would express her frustration with Dani and call her the shadiest member of The Committee while noting that three possible people outside of their alliance — Enzo, Da’Vonne, or Ian — would serve as a better pawn.

Honey, I shrunk the veto

For this week’s Power of Veto competition, the HOH, the two nominees, as well as Da’Vonne, Enzo, and Ian, were zapped out of the house. Unfortunately, in the process, Big Brotherteletransporter shrunk the house, making this week’s POV Competition a lot more difficult.

The Houseguests were tasked with stacking 15 tiny microbeer cans into a pyramid using large tweezers. The first HouseGuest to complete this task would win a miniature-sized POV. The stakes were high as both nominees wanted to ensure their safety, and Dani wanted to ensure that she wasn’t forced to name a fourth nominee.

Meanwhile, Enzo was going to bat for Tyler while Da’Vonne and Ian wanted to ensure that they couldn’t be named as the replacement nominee. At the end of it all, however, Da’Vonne would emerge victorious, winning her first Big Brother competition over the span of three seasons, and putting Dani in a potentially difficult spot.

The power alliance deals with adversity

Following the POV competition, Da’Vonne spoke with Kevin and voiced concern that if she were to use the POV, she would find herself on the block next to him next week.

Although Da’Vonne had given her word to Dani that she would keep nominations the same if she won the POV, Da’Vonne would explain in the DR that she was having a change of heart, especially considering that she and Kevin are on the outside of the house dynamics.

After speaking with Kevin, Da’Vonne would head up to the HOH Room to inform Dani of this decision. Although Dani would remain quiet, she would later express frustration to Christmas about the prospect of making a fourth nomination. Of course, not wanting to be named as the replacement nominee, Christmas would direct Dani’s attention to Enzo and Ian.

Meanwhile, in the Photo Room, Cody would reassure Tyler that Da’Vonne had no plans to use the veto on Kevin. However, later on, Dani would inform Cody of Da’Vonne’s decision and would let him know that Ian, a close ally of Nicole, would have to be the replacement nominee. In turn, Cody would inform her that he was not willing to vote Tyler out.

When she later informed Nicole that Ian would likely be the replacement nominee, Nicole wouldn’t argue the matter. However, in the DR, she would express concern that Ian’s departure would make her target as the only other winner in the house bigger.

Still wanting to evict Tyler, Dani would make a last-ditch effort to convince Da’Vonne not to use the POV. In conversation with Da’Vonne, Dani would tell her that Kevin was likely to go on the block next week regardless of whether or not he was saved this week. She would then say that by saving Kevin, Da’Vonne would essentially be confirming to the house that she’s aligned with him.

Sweet justice

In the DR, Da’Vonne would express her frustration with Dani, saying that she felt turned off by the idea that she couldn’t make a move if it didn’t benefit her. Nevertheless, when it came time for the Veto Meeting, Da’Vonne would not allow herself to be intimidated and decided to take Kevin off the block, making it clear that she was doing so because they were friends and not allies.

Unfortunately, that meant that Ian would find himself being the replacement nominee, and although he believed that he was being used as a pawn in a plan that was bound to go sideways, Dani made it clear in the DR that without the votes to boot Tyler, Ian was her new target.

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Who will be the sixth person evicted from the Big Brother 22 house and the first member of the jury?

Find out on Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 22 at 8/7c on CBS