Blue Bloods: 5 questions we have for season 11

Photo Credit: Blue Bloods/CBS, Craig Blankenhorn Image Acquired from CBS Press Express
Photo Credit: Blue Bloods/CBS, Craig Blankenhorn Image Acquired from CBS Press Express /

Blue Bloods is set to resume production soon for season 11, here are questions we have for the upcoming season

Blue Bloods, the CBS cop drama led by Tom Selleck, has been in limbo since season 10’s 19th episode ended the season early due to the pandemic.

Now, the series has been given the go to resume production in the upcoming weeks, and fans are ready for the family drama to return to the airwaves, especially since season 10 set up a lot of new plots and left us with several questions.

Will the Reagans’ newest family member be a regular?

Blue Bloods introduced a new grandson for Tom Selleck’s Frank Reagan on the last episode of the season, and Joe Hill (played by Will Hochman) even took a seat at the table for Sunday dinner. His presence certainly opens up more plots and even the potential for flashback scenes with Joe Reagan.

Adding a new person to the ten-year-old drama is a great way to move the show forward, and we’d like to know everything we can about Joe’s son.

Will Danny move forward with a new relationship?

Danny’s wife, Linda, has been gone for three seasons, and while there have been hints that Danny is ready to move forward, like taking off his wedding ring, there hasn’t been anything substantial. He’s had some flirtations with the medical examiner and a psychic who helped with a case, but again, nothing concrete. After three years, we’d like to see Danny find more happiness.

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Will Jamie and Eddie start a family?

It’s only the second year of their marriage, but Jamie and Eddie should at least address the issue. Maybe they aren’t going to have children.

Either way, it’s something that should be talked about. Since this is a family drama, it would be interesting to see a baby brought into the mix, especially to see how Jamie and Eddie juggle their jobs and parenthood.

Will Nikki return?

Nikki Reagan (Sami Gayle) left New York to take a job in San Francisco last fall. Though she’s made a guest appearance on the show since then, she hasn’t been a series regular.

With a new grandson at the table, it would be interesting to see how Nikki would interact with Joe and also to see what’s happening in her life. Of course, for her to return as a regular, she would have to quit her job in California unless she’ll only pop up in Facetime calls which isn’t exactly moving her character forward.

Will we see more of Bonnie Somerville?

Bonnie Somerville portrays Paula Hill, Joe Reagan’s ex and the mother of his son, Joe. When we last saw her on Blue Bloods, she wasn’t very happy with Frank Reagan. Other than a few family squabbles, there isn’t a lot of dissension in the Reagan family.

We’d love to see how the entire crew handles Paula’s objection to Joe’s acceptance to the family. It would make for some interesting drama. Plus Bonnie Somerville is an amazing actress who could pull off scenes of fury with the patriarch.

There are so many more questions we have, but they’ll all have to wait until Season 11 premieres sometime in the future on CBS.

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