5 reasons why LA’s Finest should be your favorite new show

LA's Finest - "Pilot" - Pictured (L-R): Jessica Alba, Gabrielle Union - Courtesy of Spectrum
LA's Finest - "Pilot" - Pictured (L-R): Jessica Alba, Gabrielle Union - Courtesy of Spectrum /

There is little doubt LA’s Finest is about to your favorite new show

Make way for the new police pair, the new cop duo on the scene: LA’s Finest. While the concept of a two-person police team is certainly not new, LA’s Finest is fresh enough and guaranteed to succeed for several reasons.

Here are five great reasons LA’s Finest is a hit in the making and should be your next favorite series.

It’s not Rizzoli & Isles

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This is an action show and a drama. There are ass-kicking and name-taking to go with the law enforcement angle. The action scenes of Gabrielle Union taking down muscle-bound Cholos is a bit unrealistic if we’re being quite honest, and the gun-play is a little heavy-handed at times, but if Charlize Theron can deliver an Atomic Blonde-elbow on 38 muscle-bound dudes to the backdrop of an “I Love the 80s” album, then so can these two.

To be clear, these two look like they can handle the heavy lifting of the action scenes, firing various weapons, leaping clear from ubiquitous explosions, dodging volleys of machine-gun fire from Red Shirt bad guys, and crack jokes in the spare moments.

It’s NOT Rizzoli & Isles

Look, Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander were a respectable pair as Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles, but there is a reason it’s being spammed on Lifetime right now. Since LA’s Finest is a spin-off of the Bad Boys franchise, the vibe of this show shouldn’t be a huge shocker. LA’s Finest is edgy, witty, sinister, and heaps of fun.

The two leads have serious clout

Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union, as Nancy McKenna and Syd Burnett, respectively, are bona fide stars in their own right. Together their Wonder Twin powers definitely activate. Shape of a hit show!

Relying on their stardom and beauty is not the primary vehicle, however, because it’s clear in very short order each character has incredible depth, an intriguing back story, and obvious character flaws that will allow for growth in future episodes.

It scratches the Lethal Weapon itch

Remember when Lethal Weapon was awesome, everyone loved the edgy translation from the silver screen, and then Damon Wayans turned into a prima donna? Well, there has been a hole in my heart and the hearts of many others ever since. We now have a suitable replacement; and to be quite honest, it might be better with a little seasoning.

It’s hilarious!

In the first episode alone the dynamic due call someone “homeless Jared Leto,” “Blackman and Robin,” and “Grizzly Adams.” They’re all obvious wisecracks and feel completely natural. The witty repartee is hilarious at times.

Dialogue is 100% on point. Impeccable. It feels like the entire script is written by former police officers who hang out with Dave Chappelle.

Next. What happens when one star leaves a 2-person team. dark

If you haven’t given LA’s Finest a chance yet, do so quickly. It’s bound to be a meteoric riser, and you’re going to hate yourself if you don’t get in early.

LA’s Finest airs Mondays at 8/7c on FOX.