Gossip Girl (2021) Episode 6 spoilers: Are Zoya and Obie over?

Zoya and Obie. "Fire Walks with Z." Gossip Girl. Photograph by Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max.
Zoya and Obie. "Fire Walks with Z." Gossip Girl. Photograph by Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max. /

At this point it feels like Gossip Girl (2021) has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Zoya and Obie. Episode 5 “Hope Sinks” was no different as once again something seemed to be in the way of the two finding some kind of balance in their relationship.

Is it just us or do Zobie seem not to be the right fit for one another?

Spoilers ahead of Gossip Girl episode 5

When the series first kicked off, the two were well-matched. A social justice duo, they spoke endlessly about showing up for marginalized communities and doing their best to make the world better. But little Z is starting to question whether Obie is all talk and no action.

Remember, the king of Constance St. Jude’s, who got the throne by default for being the richest teen in New York, has the money to make some major changes. Or, his parents do at least. We know Obie has access to the family’s black AmEx card, but he’s not the one who holds the purse strings.

Perhaps Zoya’s questioning of his moral fiber isn’t entirely fair. But Obie did go all detective on her new friend Simon in “Hope Sinks.” Granted, Simon turned out to be an undercover reporter not a teenage boy. He had an agenda and thought Z was Gossip Girl.

However, it still stands that Obie chose not to tell Zoya straight up about his suspicions of Simon and instead launched a Blair Waldorf-esque investigative scheme to expose her faux friend. That’s the most action Obie’s taken over anything in Gossip Girl (2021), and it centered on Zoya.

In fact, any time Obie’s taken initiative in the last few episodes it’s been because of Z. That looks like it’s going to cause problems in episode 6 “Parentsite.”

Will Zoya and Obie break up in Gossip Girl (2021) episode 6?

According to IMDb, the synopsis for “Parentsite” is as follows:

"When Obie’s mother comes to town, Zoya begins to question his nature – and nurture. Julien decides to take her brand to the next level. Aki and Max come together to support Audrey."

We’ve gone most of the season not seeing hide or hair of the Bergmanns, but we’re about to meet his mom. It’s really easy to be all “power to the people” around someone who doesn’t know your family dynamic. Obie has been described as being a part of the guilty rich, it looks like Zoya’s going to truly come to understand what that means.

The promo for episode 6 shows the situation escalating at one of the properties Obie’s family owns. He was handing out breakfast to the picketers in the series premiere but providing the most important meal of the day to them isn’t going to change his family’s business practices.

Will Obie’s passiveness, which we’ve seen all season, put an end to Zobie? How much more strain can this fledgling relationship take? Looks like “Parentsite” is about to show us whether Zobie will crumble or Obie will finally take a stand in a way that matters.

Gossip Girl (2021) episode 6 promo

Watch the promo for Gossip Girl (2021) below:

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Gossip Girl (2021) episode 6 “Parentsite” premieres Thursday, August 12 on HBO Max.