The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the next two weeks (Oct. 16-27)

John McCook of the CBS series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Weekdays (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
John McCook of the CBS series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Weekdays (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

Updated: Oct. 22, 2023 – The next two weeks on The Bold and the Beautiful are going to be must-watch television. The daytime soap has a lot of pots on its burners and all of them are boiling. Friday, Oct. 13’s episode moved the plot forward with Brooke and Ridge taking off to go see Deacon about the revelation that he’s in love with Sheila.

While this was a surprise to Brooke, it wasn’t to Ridge who’d leveraged Deacon’s connection with the infamous woman to ensnare her in a trap that resulted in her arrest. He, along with Bill Spencer, thought they had her dead to rights but little did they know that Deacon had an ace up his sleeve and he made sure that Sheila walked away from the experience a free woman. That’s a secret he and his lady love are going to be keeping along with his friend the judge.

Given the lengths that Deacon has gone to for Sheila, his standing his ground about pursuing his feelings for her isn’t surprising, but he is already beginning to struggle with the backlash they’re receiving. Sheila has remained positive, believing that Hope’s willingness to listen and Finn’s understandable anger but lack of action could mean they’ll come around. Time will tell.

In any case, Finn’s got more pressing matters to be concerned with and, no, they don’t have to do with Steffy (yes, I am also tired of him talking about missing his family but doing nothing to bring them home). Finn’s got drama with his birth mother and with his adoptive mom. On Friday’s episode, he and Luna reunited after RJ did some meddling to help her deal with the threat of being pushed out of a job by her aunt Li.

The two hadn’t seen each other since Luna was a child, but they’re likely to see more of each other now that RJ has enlisted Finn’s assistance in getting to the bottom of why Li has such a negative reaction to Luna working at Forrester. RJ even summoned Li back to the fashion house to tell her in no uncertain terms that Luna isn’t going anywhere. She heard him but was undeterred and told him this was a family issue and Luna knows exactly what she needs to do.

What’s supposed to happen over the next two weeks on The Bold and the Beautiful and is the soap going to circle back to Eric’s condition and the fashion showdown in that time? Here’s everything you need to know!

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers (Oct. 16-20)

The spoilers at a glance (as reported by Soap She Knows):

  • Monday, Oct. 16: Luna stands up to her aunt Li in a heated confrontation. Ridge and Brooke don’t believe Deacon’s promise.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 17: Donna’s heart breaks over the severe nature of Eric’s condition. Finn asks Li about Luna.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 18: Li reveals a family secret to Finn. Brooke worries a rift is forming between Ridge and Eric. Refusing to comply with the doctor’s orders, Eric pushes on with making his last collection his best.
  • Thursday, Oct. 19: Hope gives Deacon an ultimatum.
  • Friday, Oct. 20: Li taunts Sheila at Il Giardino. Her goal? Provoking her nemesis. Meanwhile, Thomas once again assures Hope of his love.

As Monday episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful tend to do, we’ll be brought back into the conversations that we left off on in Friday’s episode. What I find encouraging is that Luna is about to assert herself. I’ve been waiting on this moment since Li came in making demands about her niece’s occupation at a business that she doesn’t even work at. Li’s beef with her sister, Poppy, should be the two of them, Luna shouldn’t have to carry the burden of that and hopeful she conveys that to her aunt on Oct. 16.

In terms of Deacon, it’s likely going to be a rehash of what we’ve already seen. While I’m on his side and am firmly Team Deacon/Sheila, convincing Brooke and Ridge that she’s changed is just never going to happen. First, it’s not like Ridge thinks that highly of the man anyway. If this didn’t affect his family, he’d simply make snide comments and go about his day. Second, Brooke always thinks she can shut something down after one conversation and that’s rarely been the case. Not to mention Deacon shouldn’t be making personal decisions based on the mother of his grown daughter’s wishes anyway. Sure, Deacon and Brooke are in a good place, but she doesn’t run her romantic decision by him so why should he have to do that with her?

If you’ve been waiting for Donna to find out that Eric has been coughing up blood, we may be seeing that plot point be revealed on Tuesday, Oct. 17. It’s distressing any time a loved one is going through a dire medical situation and that’s made even more difficult when they’re hiding things from you especially when you already told them not to do that.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 18, Finn will be pressing Li about his cousin, Luna. I have to admit this is the storyline I’m most excited to have more light shed on. I’ve already speculated that the two are more closely related than we’ve been led to believe and, while my idea did overlook an important detail, I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to find out if the fandom is right in some way about how Luna and Finn are related.

To the surprise of no one, Eric isn’t going to take his doctor’s advice. Wednesday’s episode is probably going to be aggravating for viewers who would like him to stop literally staking his life on this legacy line. Eric believes the clock is running out, but he’s actually speeding it up by not resting and putting so much stress on his body. This is also making him prickly which may be why Brooke is worried that the tension between Eric and Ridge is going to cause a rift.

Closing out the week on Thursday, Oct. 19 and Friday, Oct. 20, we’ll be thrust back into Sheila and Deacon’s plot as Hope gives her dad an ultimatum which can only be threatening to walk out his life if he doesn’t end things with Sheila. I wonder if this is when she’ll find out that the two aren’t simply dating, they’re engaged. Fingers crossed that’s the case so everyone will know how serious Deacon is about being in love.

Sheila will be contending with her own altercation with Li raring for a fight. The good doctor already hates her and now Li is going to be in need of a punching bag since she’s got her own family drama bubbling over. The question is whether she’s going to be able to needle the infamous woman enough to get her to lash out like she wants. Deliberately provoking Sheila is entrapment, but it is the fastest way to “prove” that she hasn’t changed.

Speaking of change, I’m hoping that Thomas finally learns that Hope isn’t interested in him romantically. She had an opportunity to be honest with him on Friday, Oct. 13’s episode but as soon as he started talking about being devoted to her, she gave into their attraction even though she’s been weighing Finn and Brooke’s words on how she deserves better.

On Friday, Oct. 20, Thomas reassures Hope of his feelings. Maybe she’ll let him down gently this time. Thope fans, I know I’m naysaying, but there’s nothing about the brand ambassador that says she wants to give a life with him a chance. Sorry to say it, but their ride seems to be coming to an end. Now, what’s set to happen the week of Oct. 23? Keep reading for the preliminary spoilers.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers (Oct. 23-27)

As I previously reported, the fashion showdown finally begins the week of Oct. 23, specifically on Wednesday, Oct. 25. Be prepared for some fabulous guest stars as Young and the Restless vets Kate Linder and Tracey Bregman will be making an appearance as Esther Valentine and Lauren Fenmore.

They’ll be attending Eric and Ridge’s clash on the runway along with Marie Osmond who makes her soap debut on Friday, Oct. 27. She’ll be playing Countess Von Frankfurt who flew in to Los Angeles to see the show. This event is set to roll into the week of Oct. 30 as it’s a five episode arc.

Yes, Eric’s health will be a part of the story. According to Daytime Royalty Online, during the week of Oct. 23, RJ is supposed to continue to struggle with not looping his parents in on Eric’s condition especially since they’re now pressing him about his grandfather. Donna is also set to confide in a trusted person about Eric’s diagnosis. It’s likely this will be Katie and not Brooke, but the writers might throw us a curveball and have it be someone we least expect.

Update: Full spoilers list (added Oct. 22)

  • Monday, Oct. 23: RJ struggles with keeping his grandfather’s secret when he feels like he should tell his father the truth. Katie is filled in on Eric’s condition.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 24: Ridge puts Carter on the spot when he asks whose side he’s on. Eric and Ridge both vow to win the fashion showdown as excitement continues to arise as the event grows closer.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 25: Katie encourages Donna to tell the family about Eric’s diagnosis. Lauren Fenmore and Esther Valentine arrive in Los Angeles.
  • Thursday, Oct. 26: RJ gets emotional as Eric makes an admission that’s heartbreaking.
  • Friday, Oct. 27: Before the start of the showdown, Eric and Ridge share a moment. Katie explains the rules of the event to Forrester Creations’ guests.

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