CBS TV schedule (Week of April 8): NCIS special, FBI crossover, Billy Joel, and more!

Billy Joel performing at The 66th Annual Grammy Awards, airing live from Arena in Los Angeles, California, Sunday, Feb. 4 (8:00-11:30 PM, live ET/5:00-8:30 PM, live PT) on the CBS Television Network, and streaming live and on demand on Paramount+.* Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Billy Joel performing at The 66th Annual Grammy Awards, airing live from Arena in Los Angeles, California, Sunday, Feb. 4 (8:00-11:30 PM, live ET/5:00-8:30 PM, live PT) on the CBS Television Network, and streaming live and on demand on Paramount+.* Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

This week's CBS TV schedule is packed! Two specials are set to run--NCISverse: The First 1,000 on Monday, Apr. 8 and The 100th: Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden-The Greatest Arena Run of All Time which closes out the slate on Sunday, Apr. 14.--on top of this being a very guest star heavy line-up. Ghosts, So Help Me Todd, Elsbeth, and Fire Country are all boasting plots that center famed actors that audiences know and love.

FBI Tuesday is going to be a highlight of the week considering two characters from the flagship will be making appearances in the spin-offs. Jubal Valentine is headed to FBI: International this week for a case that'll tie up the storyline surrounding the death of Rina Trenholm. Then, we're finally getting an update on the family situation with Stuart Scola, Nina Chase, and their son Douglas. He'll be on FBI: Most Wanted and that crossover will continue on next week's episode of FBI.

Want to know more about what's airing on CBS this week? Check out the full primetime TV schedule below along with what's set to happen in the new episodes and during the specials!

What's new on CBS this week? (Apr. 8-14)

Monday, Apr. 8

8 p.m. - NCIS (Rerun)
9 p.m. - NCISVerse: The First 1,000
10 p.m. - NCIS (Rerun)

Tuesday, Apr. 9

8 p.m. - FBI (New!)
9 p.m. - FBI: International (New!)
10 p.m. - FBI: Most Wanted (New!)

Wednesday, Apr. 10

8 p.m. - Survivor (New!)
9:30 p.m. - The Amazing Race (New!)

Thursday, Apr. 11

8 p.m. - Young Sheldon (New!)
8:30 p.m. - Ghosts (New!)
9 p.m. - So Help Me Todd (New!)
10 p.m. - Elsbeth (New!)

Friday, Apr. 12

8 p.m. - S.W.A.T. (New!)
9 p.m. - Fire Country (New!)
10 p.m. - Blue Bloods (New!)

Saturday, Apr. 13

8 p.m. - So Help Me Todd (Rerun)
9 p.m. - 11 p.m. - 48 Hours (New!)

Sunday, Apr. 14

8 p.m. - Tracker (New!)
9 p.m. - The 100th: Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden -- The Greatest Arena Run of All Time

NCIS 1,000 episodes celebration /

NCIS celebrates 1,000 episodes

CBS will be honoring the NCIS franchise with an Entertainment Tonight special set to air at 9 p.m. ET after a rerun of "Lifeline." The one hour special will consist of exclusive interviews with the franchise's stars from the flagship, NCIS: Hawai'i, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans, and NCIS: Sydney. Kevin Frazier will host the special from the NCIS studio lot, the show's home for its entire 21 season run (and counting). Fans can expect behind-the-scenes footage, the cast and guest stars sharing their favorite moments on set, and there will be never-before-seen interviews that until now have been kept in the ET vault. A rerun of "Left Unsaid" will follow at 10 p.m. You'll be able to stream NCISverse: The First 1,000 on Paramount+ starting Tuesday, Apr. 9.

FBI season 6 episode 8

In "Phantom," FBI will circle back to Hobb's murder as Tiffany struggles with her guilt over what happened. The case of the week is centered on a U.S. Army employee who was shot in an industrial park. But, as the team will find out during their investigation, the gunman is involved in a larger plot than they expected. Note: This episode is not the start of the FBI crossovers for this week, though Jubal and Scola's storylines might be introduced in it.

FBI: International season 3 episode 8, Jubal goes to Budapest

"Remove the Compromise" will see Jubal cross over to FBI: International on a case that will get him closure regarding the murder of Rina Trenholm, the slain Assistant Director in Charge and his girlfriend. He'll be helping the Fly Team and the CIA bring down the cartel responsible for her death. Forrester's role in the mission is to go undercover as an arms expert. You can get a look at the weapons he "sells" in the promo above.

FBI: Most Wanted season 5 episode 8, Scola comes to see Nina and Dougie

The promo doesn't give it away but "Supply Chain" is just as much about the case of the week as it is the family unit that is Nina Chase, Stuart Scola, and their son, Douglas. This is an FBI crossover that will stretch into next week as the two co-parents navigate their differences when it comes to parenting styles. As for what the case is, it involves a middle-aged woman who abducts two teens at gunpoint while they're in the middle of a drug deal. It's up to the Fugitive Task Force to find them before it's too late.

Episode Several
“Episode Several” – SURVIVOR, Wednesday, April 10 (8:00-9:30 PM, ET/PT) /

Survivor 46 episode 7

In "Episode Several," the castaways are reeling from a rogue vote at the last tribal council that's left everyone pointing fingers. It's upset the balance, so they'll have to keep their wits about them in order to keep their game from nose diving not to mention immunity is on the line. Then, in what's being described as "one of the most important tribal councils of the season," they'll need to figure out what's best for their game. Sticking to past loyalties or developing future strategies to secure their place in the competition.

Save the Stress for Later
“Save the Stress for Later” – THE AMAZING RACE, Wednesday, April 10 (9:30-11:00 PM, ET/PT) Amber Craven and Vinny Cagungu. /

The Amazing Race 36 episode 5

The teams are in Santiago, Chile for "Save the Stress for Later," an apt title for the series considering none of the contestants can afford letting time slip away from them because they're stressed about the task at hand. Speaking of, they'll be driving themselves around in this episode as they are on the lookout for Marilyn Monroe's Thunderbird. Finding it will result in receiving their next clue.

A Proper Wedding and Skeletons in the Closet
“A Proper Wedding and Skeletons in the Closet” – YOUNG SHELDON, Thursday, April 11 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT) /

Young Sheldon season 7 episode 7, Georgie and Mandy get married

The time has finally come! Georgie and Mandy will be exchanging vows in front of their loved ones in "A Proper Wedding and Skeletons in the Closet." It looks like they've gone to the courthouse to get hitched. As for the second plot of this episode, Meemaw's gambling room is about to get raided. Uh-oh!

Ghosts season 7 episode 7, Lamorne Morris guest stars

"Poltergeist" sees Lamorne Morris guest star as a ghost who played baseball for the Delaware Horseshoe Crabs. Alberta takes a shine to him, but he also has an attachment to a new arrival at Woodstone. Meanwhile, Isaac and Nigel will be hosting separate bachelor parties.

End on a High Note
“End on a High Note” – SO HELP ME TODD, Thursday, April 11 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) /

So Help Me Todd season 2 episode 5, Jenifer Lewis guest stars

When Lyle's mother, Jaqueline (played by the legendary Jenifer Lewis), is named the prime suspect in a murder case, in "End on a High Note," Margaret and Todd defend her. Jacqueline is an international opera star, she's also a supreme diva who is quite high maintenance and was about to be shoved out of the lime light. The woman who died was going to replace her in the opera Jacqueline was starring in, giving her a motive for committing the crime. So, Margaret and Todd will need to throw doubt on the idea that she's the culprit otherwise the diva will be singing her next tune in prison.

Elsbeth episode 4, Retta guest stars

In "Love Knocked Off," Retta guest stars as Margo Clarke, a famed matchmaker who takes drastic measures to retain her reputation. See, she had a socialite client who believed she'd landed the perfect husband but he was hiding a serious secret from her. In order to make sure the client didn't find out, Margo committed murder. With the man now "missing," Captain Wagner puts Kaya and Elsbeth on the case.

SWAT season 7 episode 8

"Family Man," deals with a hostage situation involving one of SWAT's own. It all goes down when the team face-off with doomsday preppers. The leader of the family is armed and dangerous. He wants them off his property, and Deacon's the one who finds himself at the eye of this very volatile storm. Meanwhile, Tan will be dealing with the media side of this mission thanks to a clash with a reporter. Powell's focus will be on meeting the child she'd given up for adoption.

Fire Country season 2 episode 6, Morena Baccarin guest stars

Morena Baccarin will make her Fire Country debut in "Alert the Sheriff." She plays Sheriff's Deputy Mickey, and she has a connection to the Leone family that we can't wait to learn more about! The episode, which takes place after the tragic loss of Cara in episode 5, follows the man hunt for an escaped inmate from Three Rock Fire Camp.

Blue Bloods season 14 episode 6

"Shadowland" follows a homicide where voodoo is at the center of the case. Danny and Baez, along with the latter's former partner, are the ones investigating. Aside from religious practices, the episode will be delving into admission discrimination that puts a prestigious school in the hot seat as Eddie, another officer, and Captain McNichols look into the institution. Erin will be contending with a middle schooler who calls Erin out for putting her brother in prison. Also, Frank gets involved when Garrett's neighbor can't get her car back because it's being held as evidence.

Tracker episode 8

Colter's case in "Camden" has a $10,000 price tag as he's hired to track down a man named Ethan Sullivan. He's a dockworker who was supposed to be anticipating wedded bliss but two weeks before the special day, he goes missing. Why? Ethan's past has come back to haunt him.

The 100th: Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden: The Greatest Arena Run of All Time

Sting joins Billy Joel on stage for The 100th: Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden

This concert special marks a milestone for icon Billy Joel as he performs his 100th show at Madison Square Garden. Every time he's played at the venue, it's sold out. No other artist has sold out as many shows at MSG as he has. This CBS special is also the first of Billy Joel's concerts to be aired on a broadcast network. Viewers can anticipate a guest appearance from Sting who joined the legend on stage to sing "Big Man on Mulbery Street" and "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic." Jerry Seinfeld was also in attendance, he helped raise the banner commemorating the artist's historic run at the venue.

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