Modern Family Halloween episodes quiz: Can you remember in which order they aired?

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Some of the best episodes to come out of Modern Family are definitely the Halloween ones! A few of these installments weren't necessarily favorites, as we ranked them here. But still, most were creative and the holiday-themed episodes are usually always a hit! It's great just how invested Claire is in it. Her dark side can be a little too dark. But I guess that's part of her charm! Can you remember which order they aired chronologically? Take our Modern Family Halloween episodes quiz to find out!

So I would say that even if your memory wasn't up to par 100%, the episodes titled "Halloween" and "The Last Halloween" should have been a given. Right? Obviously those were the first spooky season-themed episode and the very last one, respectively. Whether you got them all right above or not, no worries. We shared the chronolgical order below:

  • “Halloween” (season 2 episode 6)
  • “Open House of Horrors” (season 4 episode 5)
  • "Halloween 3: AwesomeLand" (season 6 episode 6)
  • "Halloween 4: The Revenge of Rod Skyhook" (season 8 episode 5)
  • "It’s the Great Pumpkin, Phil Dunphy" (season 9 episode 5)
  • "Good Grief" (season 10 episode 5)
  • "The Last Halloween" (season 11 episode 5)

Interestingly, the comedy didn't air a Halloween episode for the first time until the second season. Most of the time, the holiday-themed episodes are introduced and established in the first, like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, for example. Then after that, we didn't get a spooky installment every season, it was actually every other season until season 8 where we could expect a new one every year. I'm just happy the final season got a Halloween episode because it would have been disappointing to end the show without one. And it's definitely one of the best!

The top 3 favorites for me and that I thought were done really well are definitely season 2 episode 6, "Halloween;" season 10 episode 5, "Good Grief;" and season 11 episode 5, "The Last Halloween." I mean, can anyone really top the epic prank that Phil pulls on Claire? Literally months in the making, he finally manages to frighten his wife and dresses up like an old granny. It's hilarious! In terms of the costumes, decoration, and the family actually being together though, it's definitely the very first Halloween episode that stands out in my mind. What about you?

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