‘Turn: Washington’s Spies’ season 4, episode 3 recap: “Blood for Blood”


Jamie Bell as Abe Woodhull, Kevin McNally as Richard Woodhull, David Furr as Walter Havens – TURN: Washington’s Spies _ Season 4, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

‘Turn’ gave viewers a bloody battle that saw a major character lose his life while Benedict Arnold discovered a heartbreaking revelation.

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Turn: Washington’s Spies delivered a shocking death that surely caught viewers by surprise. The upcoming prisoner exchange certainly would not occur easily, but the amount of lives lost made for a violent installment for the series. Aside from this riveting action, tensions in New York came to a blow as Benedict Arnold finally realized a devastating reality. Without waiting any longer, here is the official spoiler alert for Turn: Washington’s Spies Season 4, Episode 3 “Blood for Blood.”

Turn started the night with Ben Tallmadge (Seth Numrich) and the Woodhulls on their way to the prisoner exchange. The group stopped at a house where Ben tied up both Abe (Jamie Bell) and Richard (Kevin McNally). After Ben departed, the father and son discussed their experiences with murder. Richard asked how does one overcome the feeling of murder. Abe retorted that one never really does overcome this feeling of despair.

New York

The series next shifted attention to Benedict Arnold (Owain Yeoman). While Peggy (Ksenia Solo) planned to insert herself and Benedict as a powerful couple among wealthy families, Benedict Arnold struggled with his finances. Arnold ordered his smugglers to conduct the exchange with the American patriots. These men recruited Jordan (Aldis Hodge), who continued his search for Abigail to reunite with her. Meanwhile, Simcoe’s men caught wind of the plan and reported to their leader. Simcoe (Samuel Roukin) ordered his men to ambush the smugglers with no survivors.

Owain Yeoman as Benedict Arnold, Ksenia Solo as Peggy Shippen; group – TURN: Washington’s Spies _ Season 4, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

Abigail (Idara Victor) and her son Cicero (Darren Alford) visited Peggy. Excited at their arrival, Peggy welcomed Abigail and Cicero into her home as servants and fired her current servant, a move which Benedict Arnold disliked. Later on, Benedict discovered from Simcoe that Philomena Cheer (Amy Gumenick) actually worked for the Crown. Arnold realized that Peggy manipulated him to fulfill her jealous impulses. The two had a heated argument after this revelation. Peggy yelled that she wished that Arnold died instead of Major Andre.

Washington’s Camp

Next, Anna (Heather Lind) spoke with a soldier who told her to speak with Ben about the financial situation for the army. He warned her about a possible uprising from the soldiers due to their discontent with their lack of pay. Finally, Alexander Hamilton (Sean Haggerty) made his appearance on Turn. Anna informed Hamilton about the murmurs of uprising in the army. She begged him to stop such an event, yet Hamilton admitted that he had no power. His letters to Congress fell upon deaf ears. Therefore, Anna herself wrote to her husband in Congress and requested his presence at camp to witness the struggles among the soldiers under Washington’s command.


During the prisoner exchange, Jordan felt uneasy about the entire situation. As both sides prepared for the worst, Simcoe’s men unleashed a barrage of bullets upon the helpless men. One bullet hit Richard Woodhull in the head. Shocked at his father’s swift demise, Abe struggled to gather his bearings. Ben then rushed his men to a nearby home to avoid the onslaught. At the same time, three Queen’s Rangers ambushed Jordan, but he killed all three men before he returned to the firefight.

Daniel Henshall as Caleb Brewster – TURN: Washington’s Spies _ Season 4, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

Once the Queen’s Rangers surrounded the men in the house, Abe sneaked outside to flank the rangers while Ben and Caleb prepared their own plan. A firefight broke out as the patriots eliminated nearly all of the enemies. Jordan halted the reinforcements with his sniper fire so that Ben and his men survived the day. Abe hunted down another man who looted his father. Both fought on the beach until Abe passed out. However, Jordan stabbed Abe’s attacker to escape with the loot as well as save Abe’s life. Ben, Abe, and Caleb returned home with Richard’s body in a carriage to conclude the bloody battle.

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Turn delivered its best episode of the season by far. The action and traumatic events that ensued will greatly affect the outcome of the series. Richard’s death might cause serious uproar between the army’s while Benedict Arnold resides in limbo with his career and marriage on the line. Anna made some progress with her character arc, yet her mission to gain support for the army from Congress seems far-fetched if the writers decide to have Anna save the day. Regardless, her minimal involvement did not blemish this fantastic installment.

Turn: Washington’s Spies airs Saturdays at 9/8c on AMC. Be sure to tune in.