The definitive ranking of Mandy Moore’s music videos

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(Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBCUniversal) Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village /

Which Mandy Moore music videos rank supreme? Here’s the definitive ranking of each of the This Is Us star’s visuals from ‘Crush’ to ‘Candy.’

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Before Mandy Moore starred in NBC’s Emmy-nominated hit drama series This Is Us, she used her voice to crank out her own albums. Beginning in 1999, Moore took the pop music world by storm before she was even in her late teens. Move over, Rebecca Pearson!

From her inaugural hit single “Candy” all the way to her underrated 2009 bop “I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week,” Moore created iconic visuals to represent each of her singles. But which music videos are the best and which left us wanting more? Here’s the definitive ranking of all 10 of Mandy Moore’s music videos. You will never be able to guess which one takes the top spot!

10. “I Wanna Be with You”

Release Year: 2000

Reasoning for the Ranking: Nothing against “I Wanna Be with You,” but the visual doesn’t level up to the stats of the song, which stands as her highest-charting hit. The music video features clips from the film Center Stage and finds Mandy cooing the love song in a dance studio. Unfortunately, the video isn’t nearly as memorable as the song.

9. “So Real”

Release Year: 2000

Reasoning for the Ranking: Again, nothing against “So Real” for the low ranking. It’s an undeniable bop almost two decades later. But the fantasy aspect of the video stops shy of delivering its full potential. But bonus points to Mandy Moore for giving the awkward clip her all.

8. “Have A Little Faith In Me”

Release Year: 2003

Reasoning for the Ranking: The green screen-heavy video for “Have A Little Faith In Me,” the first single from Moore’s cover album Coverage, wasn’t about to become a threat on the TRL Top 10. However, the video recalls Moore’s film Chasing Liberty, which rises its stock.

7. “I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week”

Release Year: 2009

Reasoning for the Ranking: The first single from Amanda Leigh allowed Mandy to show off her comedy chops in a tongue-in-cheek music video set in a dojo. One kick later and you’ll never forget Mandy breaking your heart any day of the week.

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6. “Cry”

Release Year: 2001

Reasoning for the Ranking: You’d think Mandy Moore’s second music video to be tied into a film would be cause for a groan, but “Cry” incorporates her own film, A Walk To Remember. The video stars her co-star Shane West and will wrack you with the same exact feels as the movie.

5. “Walk Me Home”

Release Year: 1999

Reasoning for the Ranking: “Walk Me Home” might be Mandy Moore’s most memorable music video, which firmly places it in the Top 5. If you have seen Britney Spears’ “Lucky” video, then you have basically seen “Walk Me Home,” except there’s romantic ice staking and wintry imagery.

4. “Crush”

Release Year: 2001

Reasoning for the Ranking: Someone started a rumor that “Crush” is Mandy Moore’s best song, and guess what? Those rumors are true, as told by Moore’s first No. 1 video on TRL. (That stat should be important to all ’90s kids!) The video perfectly fits the song: It’s quirky, it’s cute, it has monkeys and a bathtub scene. What more could you want?

3. “In My Pocket”

Release Year: 2001

Reasoning for the Ranking: “In My Pocket,” the song of the summer that should have been, cracks the Top 3 for being Mandy’s most daring adventure into the world of pop visuals. Moore leaned into dance-pop for the first time on the first single from her third album, and the resulting music video was weird, sensual, and unforgettable.

2. “Extraordinary”

Release Year: 2007

Reasoning for the Ranking: It’s an unfortunate truth that few people have heard Mandy Moore’s 2007 album Wild Hope, and that the album only spawned two singles and one video. In “Extraordinary,” Mandy plays into the empowerment theme and dresses as over 50 strong women holding each other up. It’s an underrated video with a powerful message.

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1. “Candy”

Release Year: 1999

Reasoning for the Ranking: Obviously. How could “Candy” not top this list? Mandy Moore’s first and most iconic hit must crack the Top 10 of every ranking of late ’90s songs and videos ever. Teenage Mandy, who probably wasn’t even old enough to drive at this point, cruises in her lime green Volkswagen Beetle to the diner and skate park. And that choreography? Simply classic.

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