You need to see the Big Three posing with their younger selves

Photo Credit: This Is Us/NBC, Acquired NBCUniversal Media Village
Photo Credit: This Is Us/NBC, Acquired NBCUniversal Media Village /

Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley posed in photos alongside their younger This Is Us counterparts, and it’s adorable. See the photos!

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We’re seeing triple! The cast of This Is Us gathered this past weekend to take some promo shots, and far be it from television’s cutest cast to have a little fun in the meantime. Keeping that family connection alive off screen, the Big Three shared the same space with their younger selves for the first time. And it’s the most adorable thing you’ll see on the internet all day.

On the set of This Is Us, Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley paused their promo shots for a little quality time with the actors who also bring their characters to life. First, the teen and preteen Big Three joined forces for piggyback rides on the backlot before stepping in front of the camera with their present-day Pearsons. Talk about a This Is Us time travel scenario we’d never expect in Season 2. The only thing missing? Chrissy Metz in a picture with Hannah Zeile (teenage Kate) and Mackenzie Hancsicsak (kid Kate). But the family photos we did receive more than make up for the absent trio of Kates. See all of the Big Three photos below!

Sterling K. Brown shared a photo of all three iterations of Randall Pearson, and we’re feeling the feels. “Thank you, fellas, for bringing the heat week in and week out. Randall wouldn’t be the same without you!” Brown wrote of Niles Fitch (teenage Randall) and Lonnie Chavis (kid Randall).

Justin Hartley shared the next Big Three subgroup with a picture of the many Kevin Pearsons. “Sometimes you need some quality time with your selves,” Hartley wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of himself, Logan Shroyer (teenage Kevin), and Parker Bates (kid Kevin).

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Of course, we would have loved to see Chrissy Metz pose with the other two Kate Pearsons, but we still couldn’t get enough of the Big Three coming together with their younger counterparts and spreading that Pearson pride. Did these photos of all the Big Three generations warm your heart, too? Let us know in the comments, and keep the conversation going on Twitter at @thisisuscrying!

This Is Us returns for Season 2 on Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 9/8c on NBC.