Is the Grimoire a clue on Rowena’s return on Supernatural?

Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW by Dean Buscher Image Acquired from CW TV PR

Promo photos of Supernatural Season 13, Episode 12 show the sister witches steal a grimoire, but is this a clue for Rowena’s return?

When the synopsis for Supernatural Season 13, Episode 12 was released, we jumped for joy at the news of Rowena’s return. It quickly turned on how she would return, with the books of spells the sister witches would steal from the Winchester being a potential clue. The problem was we had no idea which book of spells it would be.

Now promo photos are out and it’s clear that the sisters steal a grimoire. It’s very likely the Black Grimoire, from Season 12, which was originally owned by the Loughlin family. Rowena desperately wanted the book, but Sam took it instead for safe keeping. So, it’s clear that the Winchesters have it and the Plum sisters will be able to steal it from her.

And the book in the promo photo certainly looks like the Black Grimoire. Despite it’s name (the name likely comes from the idea of black magic) the book is dark green in color. The book in the promo photos is also dark green. The book also sports the heptagram symbol the Black Grimoire had.

Is this a clue on how Rowena will return?

While there are many fans uncertain whether Rowena is really dead (we never actually saw it was definitely her), there are others certain that Lucifer got it right this time. But Rowena always has a trick up her sleeve, right? She hasn’t survived since the 17th century without being smart.

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Could it be possible that before the Winchesters got the Black Grimoire that she was able to put her essence into the book? When the sisters open the book and use some of the spells, could Rowena’s spirit be released? Will she return from the dead in some way?

This would certainly help to shake a few things up a little. While Supernatural Season 13 started strong, there are some overly used, eye-rolling storylines recently. “Breakdown” saw Sam kidnapped yet again, so Dean had to go in and save him and the trailer for “Various and Sundry Villains” shows Dean will be attacked with a spell yet again. Having Rowena come back with a twist is definitely needed.

How do you think Rowena will return to Supernatural? Is the Black Grimoire the key? Could the Plum sisters accidentally (or even intentionally) bring her back from the dead? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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