Review: Titan Books’ The World of The Orville is a must-have for fans


If you can’t get enough of the sci-fi world created by Seth MacFarlane and The Orville team, Titan Books’ The World of The Orville should be at the top of your reading list!

This season, Fox transported viewers into the distant future to follow life on the U.S.S. Orville, a futuristic exploratory spaceship occupied by countless alien species. During the show’s first season, The Orville managed to introduce viewers to bold and intriguing characters, captivated their minds with futuristic technology and took them on a several thrilling adventures to awe-inspiring and exotic new worlds.

In watching the show, it was clear that Seth MacFarlane and the entire team behind The Orville made sure no detail was overlooked and the result was something truly magical. Through the work of the production team, Fox managed to create an incredible universe and presented viewers with a series of cinematic quality which is likely one of the key reasons viewers were quickly captivated and tuned in week after week to witness The Orville’s latest mission unfold. Our only complaint about the show’s first season? Why did it have to be so short?

Photo Credit: World of the Orville/Titan Books
Photo Credit: World of the Orville/Titan Books /

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With such witty and culturally relevant storytelling and an incredible production design, The Orville‘s first season left us wanting more. While a second season is already in the works, it likely won’t premiere until this fall or possibly even the spring of 2019. However, thanks to the team at Titans Books, fans can whet their appetite for more via The World of The Orville. 

As the official companion to Fox’s breakout hit, The World of The Orville stands as the ultimate guide to The Orville in order to bring fans an in-depth look at the work which went into creating the show including concept art, on-set photography and the technical schematics of the show via a look at the show’s production design, costumes, makeup prosthetics and visual effects.

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Upon cracking The World of The Orville wide open, readers are first greeted with an in-depth look at the work which went into creating the show beginning with a string of forewords from director Brandon Braga and executive producers David A. Goodman and Jason Clark.

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From there, we begin our deep dive into the world created within The Orville with a look at the Union Mission including the creation of the ship at the heart of the series: the U.S.S. Orville. The exploration offers up a look at the ship’s interior and exterior design before delving into ranking system within the Union Mission.

Across the next several pages of the book, fans are treated to in-depth looks at the show’s key and recurring players. In this portion of the book, fans are treated to a look at the magic that went behind creating each character’s signature look as well as the creation of some of the areas they often frequent on the ship including Ed’s office, Sickbay, the Lab, the Simulator and Brig.

While the entire portion of the book makes for a great read, it’s the look at the work which goes into characters such as Isaac, Alara, Bortus and Yaphit. Getting to see the effects and work which goes into bringing the characters to life is sure to give fans an even greater appreciation for the hours spent perfecting each character’s look.

Following our look at the Union Mission, our focus shifts onto the series’ central villains: The Krill.

As the show’s main foil, The Krill played a major role in the show’s first season so it seems only fitting to dedicate a decent portion of The World of The Orville by exploring the efforts that went into bringing The Krill to life. Through this section of the book, fans can delve into the show’s central villain with a look at the creation of their vessels, their iconic wardrobe/appearance and even the race’s sacred religious text, the Anhkana.

After our deep dive into the creation of The Krill, our journey nears its conclusion with a look at the odds and ends of the season. In the final portion of the book, fans are treated  to an exploration of some of the many worlds visited by The Orville crew during the season as well as the characters they encountered along the way.

With so many incredible guest characters and fantasy lands introduced during the show’s debut season, ending with a look at the creation of each character and land is one which provides further insight into the rich world whose surface has only begun to be scratched.

As someone who was immediately drawn into the world of The Orville, I found myself breezing through The World of The Orville and completely engrossed with the book and its information. While I never took the work of the production team for granted, getting to see the incredible and hard work which went into bringing the show’s characters and settings to life has given me an even greater appreciation for the show and all those involved in making it.

If you’re looking for a way to pass the time between seasons or simply cannot get enough of The OrvilleThe World of The Orville is a must-have and one which is sure to make for a great read.

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The World of The Orville is currently available online via select retailers including Titan Books and Amazon and in bookstores nationwide. Be sure to pick up your copy today! 

Disclaimer: Hidden Remote was provided with a complimentary copy of The World of The Orville for the purposes of this review.