The Last Kingdom Season 3 is finally confirmed, along with Netflix UK Season 2 release date

Photo credit: The Last Kingdom/BBC & Netflix by Des Willie, Acquired via Netflix Media Center
Photo credit: The Last Kingdom/BBC & Netflix by Des Willie, Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

Uhtred, Son of Uhtred is definitely coming back to Netflix later this year. The man himself confirmed all about The Last Kingdom Season 3 on social media.

After months of rumors and questions, we finally have confirmation of The Last Kingdom Season 3. The rumors are most definitely true and the season will hit Netflix worldwide “later this year.” On top of that, the show also confirmed a Netflix UK release date for Season 2. It’s a happy day for the Arselings.

This announcement has been a long time coming. The Last Kingdom Season 2 finished in May 2017. Usually, we’d hear about the next season of a show shortly after, but the BBC and Netflix (who are joint production companies) opted to remain silent on the series’ future. All we had to make a guess that Uhtred’s story would be continued was a casting notice, which stated filming would continue until mid-May.

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Now, Alexander Dreymon has taken to Twitter to confirm most of what we needed. He says filming is “well underway” and that The Last Kingdom Season 3 will come to our screens later this year. The only thing he didn’t give us was a release date, but we can likely assume anywhere between September and November. If mid-May is when filming wraps, September to November will give plenty of time for post-production.

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There’s even more news! This season will have 10 episodes. Previous seasons have had eight-episode orders, so this extra 10 episodes will be a welcome addition for many.

The great news is that Netflix UK users will finally get The Last Kingdom Season 2. This is a series shown on the BBC in the country, so it doesn’t make it in full to Netflix until later (unlike many other parts of the world where each episode becomes available the next day after it airs live in the UK). The second season will hit Netflix UK on April 18, 2018. There really isn’t long to wait, Arselings!

It’s important to note this idea that the series will drop worldwide on Netflix later this year. Does this mean the BBC has dropped its involvement? Will the series be available right away on Netflix UK and in other parts of the world?

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Are you happy that The Last Kingdom Season 3 is finally confirmed? When do you think it will drop? Let us know in the comments below.

The Last Kingdom is available on Netflix.