5 top takeaways from the Supernatural Season 13, Episode 19 synopsis and promo

After an eventful episode, the promo and synopsis for Supernatural Season 13, Episode 19 are out. It’s time to delve into what to expect next Thursday.

There are so many questions from the last episode of Supernatural. Is Asmodeus really dead? Will Gabriel return (we know the answer to that)? What’s going to happen now in the Apocalypse World? Before we can even get most of our answers, we have an episode that brings the focus back on Rowena.

Supernatural Season 13, Episode 19’s promo and synopsis give us a glimpse into the things to come. The episode is titled “Funeralia,” which could hint that Rowena is on a suicide mission. Here are the top takeaways from the synopsis and promo to get ready for the start of the last five episodes of Season13.

#1. Billie has secretly been keeping an eye on the Winchesters

A reaper will show up in the episode this week, and it’s the one Dean met earlier in the season She’s not following the Winchesters because it’s their time, but because Death has sent them on a mission. In case you forgot (how could you?), Billie is now Death. She’s stopped trying to make sure the Winchesters stay dead since now she knows they have an important job to do. What that job is we don’t know yet, but there is a chance it will come up in this week’s episode.

However, Billie wants to make sure the Winchesters remain on track, by the looks of things. Why exactly is the reaper following the Winchesters and why does she make herself known this week? That’s going to be interesting to find out.

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#2. Rowena is back

We’ve known about this for a few weeks, ever since The CW released the synopsis. Rowena hasn’t been seen since she used the spell to Level Up and now it’s time to see what she’s done to herself. We know she wants protection from Lucifer, but it also looks like she will take the fight to him. How powerful is she now and is she on a suicide mission?

It looks like she’s going to try to seduce Sam in the promo. Did you catch the glimpse of the anti-possession tattoo on his chest? I’m glad to see they’ve kept the makeup continuity there.

#3. Castiel goes on a recruitment mission

The Winchesters and Castiel know that an invasion from the Apocalypse World is inevitable, so they need to get all the angels and demons on their side that they can. The best people to start with (since there’s no Crowley to help with the demon side of things) is the angels. Castiel is taking a trip up and runs into an unexpected person.

The obvious answer to this unexpected person question is Lucifer. I don’t think Castiel and the Winchesters knew that Lucifer ended up there. But I do wonder if Gabriel is going to be in Heaven somewhere. Did he have a change of heart and decide to take a trip upwards to see some of his family? Will he attempt to gather angels for his own revenge mission, since we know in the next episode he’s going to encourage the Winchesters to help him get revenge against the demigods that sold him to Asmodeus?

#4. The reaper has seen everything

“Everything, everything?” Dean asks in the promo when the reaper shares that she’s seen everything. Does this mean she knows all about the Apocalypse World? Does she know all about Gabriel and Asmodeus? Can she answer questions that we have right now?

This reaper is confident and sassy. There are chances that she has some sort of knowledge to help the Winchesters, but there’s the question of whether she will help. This leads us to the last takeaway.

#5. The reaper may remain neutral

One thing I’ve always loved about reapers is that they’re neutral. All they want is to do their job: move dead people onto the other side. They don’t work for anyone other than Death unless they’re bound to people in some way. This reaper looks to be continuing that neutrality.

When Dean is in a fight with (possibly) a demon, he turns to the reaper asking for a little help. We don’t see her get into the fight, and there’s a chance she won’t. Getting into the fight means swaying to one side of the neutral line. Of course, she could help the Winchesters, since she likely has orders from Death to make sure the Winchesters play their part in the upcoming problem.

Here are the synopsis and promo to get an idea of the things to expect in the episode.

Sam and Dean must stop Rowena, who is on a deadly mission; Castiel looks to heaven to recruit angels for an impending invasion but is shocked by the things he finds.

What have you taken away from Supernatural Season 13, Episode 19’s promo and synopsis? What questions do you now have? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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