Supernatural Season 13, Episode 22 review: Exodus

Supernatural -- Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural -- Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

This week’s Supernatural saw Sam and Dean coming up with a plan to save everyone. Meanwhile, Lucifer and Jack had some father/son bonding time.

This week’s Supernatural slowed the action from the past few weeks down a little bit. We spent the entire episode in the Apocalypse World mostly focused on Lucifer and Jack and their relationship. Everyone seemed to have an opinion on how Jack should react to Lucifer, however, Jack wanted to get to know his dad. It made for a lot of interesting relationship dynamics since Sam, Dean and Castiel all view themselves as his father figure.

Also in this episode, Sam and Dean came up with a great plan. They decided to save everyone from Michael by bringing them home with them. Let’s take a minute and deep dive into “Exodus.”

“You need me.”

We pick up exactly where we left off last week. Lucifer has returned a newly resurrected Sam to the group. Everyone has mixed feeling over the turn of events. They are happy Sam is alive, however, they are upset Lucifer is there. Except Jack, who is confused and overwhelmed. Dean begins to demand that Jack kill Lucifer. But that’s his dad. So, Jack does what he always does when overwhelmed, he gets out of there.

There is a debate about killing Lucifer. Gabriel does have the archangel blade. However, Lucifer makes a valid point. They need him to fight against Michael. He’s not only strong enough, he has dealt with this Michael before.

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Sam and Dean have a nice brotherly moment while all of this is going on. Sam apologizes for dying. There are hugs. And Sam promises that he’ll take care of Lucifer. You can see in his eyes that having to “owe” Lucifer anything is really bothering him.

Jack, on the other hand, is in the woods flashing through all his life experiences. He’s focusing on his relationships with all the men in his life, and also the acts he has committed. Is he really that different from the “evil” Lucifer everyone has told him about?

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“I’m not going back.”

Lucifer has told Sam and Dean he left some grace with Rowena, so they have some time. About 31 hours. They set a timer and begin trying to convince Mary to leave. However, she’s not willing to. Mary doesn’t want to return home. She wants to stay in Apocalypse World. She can’t abandon the people she’s been fighting alongside.

This is a decision that not only blindsides Sam and Dean, it blindsides me as well. I’ve thought all season Mary wouldn’t willingly separate from her sons. This decision doesn’t sit well with Sam and Dean. They want to bring their mom home. They’ve worked really hard to get here to save her and Jack. So, they come up with a solution. They’ll bring everyone from the camp to their world. They’ll research a way to defeat Michael, and then all come back together. It’s actually a really smart idea.

“Why does everyone hate you?”

Supernatural — Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

Ah, father/son bonding time. Sam, Dean, and Cas have been adamant that Jack not talk to Lucifer. Jack finds a loophole: he won’t talk, he’ll just listen. So, Jack listens as Lucifer spins God as the bad guy when he expelled him from heaven and locked him in a cage. He explains that humans are weak-willed and it is not hard to influence them to do bad things.

Cas and The Winchesters are not happy Jack is talking to Lucifer. They worry that Lucifer will somehow influence Jack and turn him. Mary laughs at this. She reassures them that Jack will not turn to the dark side. Jack needs to learn about who his father is. He needs to figure it out for himself.

“Fairytale world.”

While Lucifer and Jack are bonding over their family tree, Sam and Dean are trying to convince the Apocalypse World people to leave with them. Their argument is solid, however, Bobby just doesn’t think it’s a good idea. He thinks they will be abandoning their world. Sam and Dean lay out all the resources they have in their bunker, and promise they’ll come back.

Lucifer and Gabriel have an amazing scene together where they are talking. Because Lucifer has already killed Gabriel once, there is no love lost between the two. Lucifer is trying to convince Gabriel that he has changed, however, Gabriel just isn’t buying it. In fact, he’s very harsh with Lucifer, telling him God locked him up to stop a cancer. All Lucifer wants is to impress Jack, but Gabriel just doesn’t think it will happen.

Supernatural — Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

“Angel kill squad.”

Ketch and Charlie are on a side mission to kill the angel kill squad. However, someone has set them up, and they are ambushed. While being held hostage, they are tortured. They don’t give up their friends’ location, so the angels bring in the big guns: Other Castiel. The show has dressed Other Castiel as a Nazi, and Misha Collins is using a German accent. Before Other Castiel can do much damage to Charlie, the rescue team comes in. Jack is killing angels with just an extension of his hand, and all three Winchesters are inside killing angels left and right.

They rescue Ketch and Charlie and return to Bobby’s house. When they return, they find out that there was a vote, and everyone voted to go with them. Lucifer and Dean fix up a bus, which Lucifer will drive because why not.

Jack is reluctant to leave. He wants to kill Michael first. Sam tries to convince him, but he’s not listening. It takes Lucifer talking to him for him to decide to leave with the rest of the group.  So, he gets on the bus with everyone else and heads toward the rift.

“Welcome to the family.”

They reach the breach and start funneling people through. Everything seems to be going smoothly, so of course, Michael comes crashing down at the last second. Lucifer tries to fight him, but Michael throws him down like a rag doll. Then, Gabriel surprises everyone. He says that he’s done running, as he pulls out the archangel blade. But, Michael has one too. The two fight, and, with Sam and Dean watching, Michael kills Gabriel. Like for real this time. My heart is ripped from my chest.

Sam sends Dean through the rift. and turns back to face Lucifer. Lucifer begs to be let through, but Sam just stares at him, coldly. This is the man who tortured him for years in Hell. Sam leaves Lucifer behind.

Back in our world, everyone is celebrating in the bunker. Bobby gives an inspirational speech, welcoming in Sam and Dean to their family. Not everyone is celebrating though. Castiel is visibly upset about Gabriel. And Jack is moping in the corner over the loss of Lucifer. And speaking of Lucifer, he’s back in Apocalypse World scheming with Michael to get the rift back open.

Performer of the Week

Misha Collins. This year on Supernatural, Misha has officially played three versions of Castiel. This week he did an amazing job as Other Cas. The cold look on his face, the German accent. Brilliant. In addition to him playing Other Cas, he also did a great job as our Cas. The conflicted feelings of Jack getting to know his father. The trembling lip in the bunker as he thought about losing his brother again. Misha brought his A-Game to his performance in this episode. And I would expect nothing less from him. He may be a side character, but he has been holding his own this season.

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So, what did you think of this week’s episode? What did you think about Gabriel dying, again? Do you think Jack will blame Sam for Lucifer being left behind?  Please let us know in the comments below!

Supernatural’s season finale will air Thursday, May 17 at 8/7c on The CW