7 cursed objects Supernatural could use in the series

SUPERNATURAL -- "Jus In Bello"-- Photo by Sergei Bachlakov/The CW -- Cw TV PR
SUPERNATURAL -- "Jus In Bello"-- Photo by Sergei Bachlakov/The CW -- Cw TV PR /
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Cursed objects have been popular in Supernatural from the early days. The rabbit’s foot is one of the most popular, but there are many others. Here are seven ideas that could be considered in the future.

The rabbit’s foot is one of the most popular cursed objects among Supernatural fans. After all, it comes from one of the most memorable and funniest episodes in the series. However, there have been many other objects used and added, taking inspiration from current news stories and age-old lore.

It’s time to bring another cursed object into the series. Here are seven ideas for lore and legends that could be used.

7. The Annabelle doll

Let’s just start with the idea of the Annabelle doll, which is used in a movie of its own and was mentioned in The Conjuring. It’s one of those creepy legends that would certainly be something fun to twist. The show could also get back to the creepy roots from way back in the day with such a spine-tingling supernatural creature.

There have been twists on this legend. We had the talking, suicidal teddy bear due to the wishing well. However, the series has never quite gone for the Annabelle or Chucky focus.

6. King Tut’s tomb

When King Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered, 11 people linked to it died within the space of eight years. Of course, science explains that it could have been ancient pathogens that were toxic to the discoverers, but there’s always the chance that there was something supernatural going on. This is something the series could run with.

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What if there was another tomb discovery? Instead of being opened in Egypt, everything is brought to the States, where people start dying from a curse after opening the tomb. Another possibility is that there’s a vengeful spirit instead of it quite being linked to a curse, but it gains inspiration for the real curse theory.

5. The Hope Diamond

While we don’t have Bela stealing artifacts anymore, that doesn’t mean there aren’t others like her out there. Maybe this is the chance for the Winchesters to run into another. The Hope Diamond is considered cursed. Those who have worn it have befallen unluckiness and the diamond is now in the Smithsonian.

This is a curse that could be used by the series. Someone steals the diamond and the curse starts killing people. Alternatively, it could be another diamond with a curse, which the Winchesters comment on “like the Hope Diamond curse.”

4. The Crying Boy Painting

“The Crying Boy” by Bruno Amadio is considered cursed. Those who hang it in their homes suffer from a fire and the only thing that is untouched is the painting. Whether the curse is true or not, this is definitely something the series could run with. It’s not the first time the idea of a cursed painting has been used.

Rather than being the painting that’s cursed, it could always be the spirit of the young boy in the painting, whether a vengeful or a violent spirit. The boy sets fire to the homes and because of the supernatural element to the painting, it remains untouched. Fire has proven to not fully destroy a painting in the past, such as “Provenance.”

3. The curse of the phone number

This is a Bulgarian legend, but there’s nothing stopping the Supernatural writers from finding an American twist. The number 0888-888-888 is considered cursed. Within four years, the number was owned three times and all three died suddenly. Granted, two were crime dealers and died by being gun-downed, but it’s stopped the phone companies from allowing the number to be used since.

There could be a similar curse for the Winchesters to unravel. Maybe someone who doesn’t believe in the curse gives out the number and that leads to the curse taking over again. Or it’s linked to a creature or spirit that kills whoever has the number.

2. The cursed wedding dress

There are all sorts of wedding dress curse lore. One of the most well-known is the curse of Anna Baker’s wedding dress, which is considered to be one of the most haunted items in the Baker Mansion. It’s enclosed in glass and reportedly moves on its own. This is all thanks to the story of Anna’s father preventing her from marrying her fiance, passing the wedding dress onto someone else, and Anna never marrying afterward.

There are all sorts of ways to use this dress in the show. It could have been stolen and now the spirit is out. Maybe the dress ends up being sold instead of being kept in the glass case. Of course, vengeful spirit or violent spirit lore would be the most popular for this, but there could have also been a curse. Could Anna have put a curse on the wedding dress before it was passed on? Or could her father have put a curse on Anna so she never married and that passed onto the dress?

1. Thomas Busby’s chair

Have you heard of the lore surrounding Thomas Busby’s chair? Anyone who sits in it supposedly dies soon after. The chair is considered so cursed that in the Thirsk museum, it’s been put out of the way to avoid people sitting on it.

The chair is one Busby supposedly liked to sit in and became cursed after Busby murdered his father. Could Supernatural run with the idea of the chair actually being cursed? How about the vengeful spirit of Busby’s father or the violent spirit of Busby connected to the chair? The twist could be that everyone dies in the actual chair.

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What curse objects would you like pop up in Supernatural? What stories would you tell? Share in the comments below.

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