Sam to lead without Dean: What to expect in Supernatural Season 14

Photo credit: Supernatural/The CW by Robert Falconer; Acquired via CW TV PR
Photo credit: Supernatural/The CW by Robert Falconer; Acquired via CW TV PR /

Sam takes the lead while Dean is out there with Michael behind the wheel in Supernatural Season 14 but what does that mean? A lot will be exactly as you expect, but what else is going on?

Often on Supernatural, what you think you know is almost always just another launching point into what you don’t know. Sam without Dean is a huge opening for a lot of storylines filled with things we think we know. But what about what we don’t know? We’ve seen both Dean and Sam in the lead but this time, we’re not talking about being at the helm of their own brotherly team here.

We know that Sam is going to be in charge of a lot of people. With all of the Apocalypse World refugees, including his Mom, spending an undetermined amount of time at his crib, Sam gets to not only provide for them but also guide them on how to Earth. They all have a bone to pick with Michael since he was the lead cause of their world’s destruction. They probably won’t be sitting around learning about politics of the American government for long while Michael has a whole new world to recruit and possibly destroy.

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Castiel is expected to take on more of a hunter persona this season and also work on that bond with Jack we’ve all been waiting for, so maybe they will get the lead out and try to spearhead the quest for Michael!Dean, easing Sam’s job (as if he’d allow such). Jack and Sam had a moment there at the end of Season 13 and professed their family bond so a threesome hunt for their brother is likely. Will Sam be in charge of the whole thing? He definitely has a lot on his plate.

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We also know that Jack has no powers for now and we can assume he probably feels pretty guilty about all of this. Dean and Michael only joined forces because Lucifer had Sam and Jack, courtesy of Jack’s stolen grace. Since we’ve seen him get really down when he makes a mistake or can’t rescue someone, we have to wonder if that feeling will propel him into a pit of despair or into a frenzy to save Dean. With his strong will and his serious family values, he is not likely to let Dean just be hijacked without a fight, and we’ve had plenty of heads-up information that tells us Castiel, Jack, and Sam will not be letting sleeping dogs lie.

Dean and Baby have a very long-term relationship going and the last time Sam had her, he made some changes Dean didn’t appreciate when he got back from Hell. She’s obviously appearing pretty early on in the season, which is interesting. While Michael must have access to Dean’s dark mind corners and does need to get around, the car could also be used to lead Dean out and back into the driver’s seat. Will Sam be behind that wheel?

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No matter what turns and bumps we see, Sam is going to be at it full swing. He has people, the car, angels, a nephilim, and the whole world counting on his leadership and gusto. Is he going to get any divine intervention? Will he crack? We’ll know soon (feels like forever)! What do you expect or hope to see for Sam in the lead? Let us know below!

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