General Hospital spoilers: Another baby mystery unfolds

General Hospital has yet another intriguing baby mystery coming up that is long overdue.

Rumors have been swirling for quite a while now involving Nina Reeves having a child. She was in a coma thanks to her mother, Madeline, and had miscarried her baby. Ever since that revelation, there has been speculations that the baby is alive and well…and probably living in Port Charles. Now it is finally coming to the forefront.

Valentin wants answers

As far as Nina is concerned, Valentin is not in her life any longer. But he obviously not getting the message. On Friday’s General Hospital, Nina and Maxie paid a visit to Madeline in prison where Nina finally laid into her. After they left, another visitor showed up. It was Valentin and he will be laying it on the line to his mother-in-law.

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He is positive that Madeline is not telling the complete truth about what happened years ago. He has her number. These two will be an interesting match. The new General Hospital preview for Monday reveals that Valentin will come right out and tell Madeline that he is sure that Nina’s baby didn’t die. He wants to know the truth.

Will Madeline oblige?

These two are both relentless. Valentine and Madeline will face off, but she may not want to give him any more information than she feels he needs. However, he has insinuated that if she gives him what he asks for, he will in return talk to someone about parole. That right there may just be the key to Valentin getting his answers about Nina’s baby.

Baby rumors

It is inevitable that Valentin will eventually find out that his wife’s child is still alive, and he or she is most likely living in Port Charles. It may be in fact someone General Hospital viewers are familiar with. The most likely candidate is Kiki Jerome. Her name has come up many times as being Nina’s daughter with Silas Clay. Ava Jerome had allegedly had an affair with Kiki’s father which resulted in her conception.

The speculation is that a secret exchange was made between Ava and Madeline years ago that resulted in Nina’s baby being raised by Ava. Will Valentin figure it all out? This is his attempt at winning Nina back if he should find out that her baby is still alive. There is also a possiblity that Ava has no idea that Kiki isn’t her child.What if Ava’s baby was the one who died and Madeline somehow exchanged the babies? She could have replaced Ava’s dead baby, making Silas think that his and Nina’s child had died.

Would you like to see Kiki as Nina’s daughter? Or will someone else be found as her child? Watch General Hospital this week to see if Madeline tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth.