Big Brother 20 recap: Does Tyler shake up the game?

BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Big Brother 20, Level Six powers forward. The houseguests get a special treat. The houseguests perform in a “comical” veto comp.

Kaycee’s plan on Big Brother is to get Haleigh out of the house since Haleigh put her on the block twice. Sam is just a pawn (although her day of reckoning is coming soon). Sam continues to have no clue how to play the game and is disappointed to be put on the block by her friend. Kaycee’s loyalty remains with Level Six.

Haleigh’s only plan is to step up to the plate and win the veto. If she thought she needed it before, she really needs it now. Haleigh does have another Hail Mary — if Sam loses her cool, making herself a bigger target.

JC worries if Haleigh or Sam wins the veto, he or Brett will go up in their place. Brett is less concerned since he’s a member of Level Six. JC thinks they’re in the same boat, but JC isn’t as smart as he thinks he is, failing to realize he’s been furthering the Level Six agenda without gaining any real security for himself. Still, Brett would like to win the veto.

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The houseguests get an unexpected surprise — messages from home. Even though they’ve only been away for over two months, everyone — with the exception of Brett — gets super emotional.

JC hears from a close friend instead of his family. In the DR, JC opens up about how weird it is to be the only one to not see his family. Sadly, they aren’t very close. He feels no matter what he does, it just isn’t enough. It’s even harder for JC because of how supportive Kaycee’s family is of her.

JC and Brett are the “Bros 2.0.” JC views Brett as his pal, and a replacement for his former puppet, Fessy. These guys enjoy hanging out, but neither has a shred of loyalty for the other. They do make a cute couple (much cuter than Angela and Tyler).

JC continues to work on Tyler, determined to ride the showmance strategy until the wheels fall off. JC tells Tyler there’s no doubt Brett would put Tyler and Angela up if he were Head of Household.

JC wants Tyler suspicious enough of Brett to convince Kaycee to put him up as a possible replacement nominee over JC. Tyler does have suspicions about Brett, but he also recognizes this could all just be JC trying to get inside his head.

JC wants to know what happens if Tyler becomes HoH. JC really wants to see Angela and Kaycee go up on the block. All this does is make Tyler want JC to become the replacement nominee.

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With only seven people left in the game, everyone participates in the Power of Veto competition except for JC. The veto comp is a fan fave, “BB Comics.” This one is all about memorization. It’s up to each player to determine the evil imposters among five pairs of houseguest superheroes. Whoever does this in the shortest amount of time, wins the Golden Power of Veto.

Obviously, Sam and Haleigh want to win to save themselves. Kaycee, Brett and Angela want noms to stay the same. The only wild card is Tyler, who may want to shake things up with all the sketchy stuff going on in the house.

The results of the veto comp:

  • Tyler — 6:35
  • Brett–7:30
  • Kaycee –2:17
  • Sam–15:48
  • Angela–9:53
  • Haleigh–18:56

Kaycee wins the veto for the third time in a row!

Sam trusts Kaycee to keep her safe, while Haleigh feels not only did she lose the Power of Veto, she lost the entire game. Probably because she did.

Tyler decides to tell Kaycee that JC has been trying to convince him to come for her and Angela. Neither of them like JC’s confidence and Tyler’s actually angry JC would have the balls to even approach him with this plan. Tyler’s also worried what kind of influence JC could be exerting over Brett. Tyler wonders why Brett hasn’t come to talk to him.

There’s no way Haleigh isn’t going home, but with it being a double eviction this week, it’s almost certain JC or Brett will be right behind her. At the Veto Meeting, Kaycee chooses to leave her nominations the same. Why change her own noms? Haleigh’s the last FOUTTE member standing, and she poses a threat to Level Six.

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Will Sam sabotage herself? Will JC or Brett be the next to go? Could Angela or Kaycee go out the door? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Big Brother 20 airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS. Tune in Thursday, Sept. 13 to watch a full week of action on one night!