Big Brother 20 recap: Which member of Level Six leaves the house?

BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- acquired via CBS Press Express
BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Big Brother 20, JC nominates two houseguests for eviction. The remaining players participate in the final — and most important — veto competition of the summer. A member of Level Six heads to the Jury House.

Just when it looked like Level Six was unbeatable on Big Brother 20, JC pulled out his only competition win, splitting up Kaycee, Tyler, and Angela (I wonder how much they regret getting rid of Sam?).

Since the Veto Meeting takes place live, there isn’t much time devoted to game conversations prior to the Nomination Ceremony. Tyler’s hoping he can salvage his alliance with JC, and Angela has no doubt she’s going on the block.

JC nominates Angela and Tyler for eviction. JC’s out for revenge. He tells both nominees he’s always had their backs, and they’ve both betrayed him. JC is particularly upset Tyler put him on the block (the only time JC has been in that precarious spot all season).

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The only people who are safe are the HoH, and whoever wins the Power of Veto. The veto holder also decides who goes to the Final 3 with them. Tyler isn’t prepared to choose between bestie Kaycee and his girlfriend.

The Jury House

As each member of the alliance formerly known as FOUTTE enters the house, they realize just how badly they played the game.

Once Haleigh joins the mix, the group wonders who from the other side will turn on who first. Haleigh thinks that Brett and Sam were the low men on the totem pole and announces someone will be arriving shortly because of the double eviction.

Brett arrives and has to relive being burned by his own alliance. After watching what went down with Brett, Haleigh realizes how perfectly orchestrated Tyler’s moves were, and how she underestimated just how much Tyler is running the game.

Bayleigh thinks Kaycee is playing the best game. She’s making moves, but it’s Tyler and Angela who have all the blood on their hands (can we please retire this turn of phrase after Big Brother 20?).

Now that she’s out of the house, Sam has some regrets. She wishes she had fought harder and been a little more selfish because trusting Tyler got her where she is.

Sam and Brett compare notes and discover they both had Final 2 deals with Tyler. Scottie knows Tyler never really had his back, but he respects Tyler’s gameplay.

Tyler has burned some bridges, but Haleigh can’t think of anything he’s done that makes her dislike him on a game level. She just sees a great player.

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The final Power of Veto

The time comes for the final Power of Veto competition, “Down to the Wires.” Everyone receives clues about competitions that were played this summer. They must maneuver a ball up a wall and land it in the thumbs up icons for all the correct competitions.

Once a player believes they have the correct answers, they hit a button to see if they’re right. If they are, the gameboard lights up. If not, they have to start all over. Whoever finishes last in each round receives a strike. If a player gets two strikes, they’re eliminated. The last player standing wins the Golden Power of Veto.

JC goes out in the second round. He hopes Kaycee wins, so he can convince her to keep nominations the same and send Angela home.

Tyler is eliminated next. It comes down to Kaycee and Angela. Kaycee wins the Power of Veto — her fifth.

Angela takes the loss better than Tyler. She knows at this point, it’s not about personal relationships. Whatever decision Kaycee makes will be what’s best for her game, and Angela understands that.

Tyler, on the other hand, cries like a baby in the DR. He knows how this is going to play out which means no more cuddle time with the ice queen. At least he doesn’t have to be the one to knock her out.

Kaycee keeps her word

Guaranteed a spot in the Final 3, Kaycee must choose whether to save Tyler or Angela — live.

Angela refuses to campaign against Tyler, telling Kaycee whatever she chooses to do, Angela will love her to death. Tyler gives some major props and shout-outs to the LGBTQ community and to Angela, basically declaring his deep, deep love for her on live TV.

Kaycee makes her speech. She’s been dreading this day and points out that between herself, Angela, and Tyler, they’ve won a whopping 19 competitions. On a personal level, she loves them both. Finally, Julie has to intervene and push Kaycee to reveal her decision.

Kaycee votes to evict Angela.

A winner in the Game of Love

Julie asks Angela the burning question: why does she think Kaycee chose Tyler over her? Angela isn’t sure. When it comes to both comps and Jury votes, she and Tyler are equal. Angela figured it was 50-50, and Kaycee just did what is best for her game.

Angela doesn’t know what the future holds for her and Tyler, but she can’t wait to start their next chapter. She claims to be “head over heels obsessed with him.”

Kaycee reveals in her goodbye message the reason she chose to keep Tyler was because they made a Final 2 deal on day two — before the formation of Level Six. Tyler also comes clean about the Final 2 deal, admits he had a Power App, and tells Angela he’s in love with her … again. We get it.

Angela’s not surprised by Tyler and Kaycee’s deal. She insists it doesn’t change a thing.

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Did Kaycee make the right choice? Could JC pull another upset? Can anyone beat Kaycee in the end? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Big Brother returns Sunday, September 23, and the battle for the final HoH begins. The live finale airs Wednesday, September 26. Tune in to see who wins it all!