The Gifted: Amy Acker and Coby Bell share how far their characters will go


The Gifted Season 2 has already offered an impressive and strong start. Just how far are Kate Strucker and Jace Turner willing to go for their beliefs? Amy Acker and Coby Bell share all.

The Gifted Season 2 started with the mutants divided. Andy Strucker and Polaris had joined the Frost sisters, while the rest of the Struckers, Eclipse, and others stuck with the Mutant Underground. Meanwhile, Jace Turner has been fired from Sentinel Services and is trying to find his way through.

It’s not an easy start for any of the characters, but more so for Amy Acker and Coby Bell’s character. They are at the point where they have very little to lose. Both have their own beliefs and one clear goal each. Kate wants her son back and Jace wants to get rid of all mutants.

How far are they willing to go to do this? During NYCC 2018, the two shared a few details. While they couldn’t give away too many spoilers, it’s clear that their characters are passionate about their end goals. That’s all they have in sight.

THE GIFTED — Cr: Annette Brown/FOX — Acquired via FOX Flash
THE GIFTED — Cr: Annette Brown/FOX — Acquired via FOX Flash /

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Amy also shared how being a mom has helped her play the role of Kate. She knows what she would do for her own children and plays that for her character Kate. It’s no wonder that this role has felt so on-point and realistic. You can feel that loss, that pain, and that determination to get her son back.

Amy also confirmed that the Morlocks are definitely making their way into The Gifted Season 2. This was mentioned a while back by the showrunners, but it’s always good to have the extra confirmation. However, Amy mentions “groups” when discussing the Morlocks, which suggests there will be more.

The Gifted
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Coby does share that it’s going to be harder to root for Jace Turner. He’s making more bad choices–although definitely understandable considering everything he’s been through–and he’s not always going to be the guy you want to win. The Gifted isn’t afraid to test your own morality and question what you’d do.

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What do you think of The Gifted Season 2 so far? Are you rooting for Kate and Jace? Would you like to see more from their characters? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Gifted Season 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on FOX.