Good Trouble Season 1, Episode 6 live stream: How to watch online

We finally saw Stef and Lena reunite back on our TV screens in last week’s episode of Good Trouble. It was great seeing them back! Here’s what to expect tonight and how to watch it live.

Boy was I glad to see Stef and Lena back on our TV screens last week on Good Trouble. Callie and Mariana were trying to act cool with their mom’s, acting like they have their lives under control. When frankly, it was quite the opposite. The girls both cracked after they were arguing about what Mariana revealed to Stef and Lena that Callie was working on the LAPD shooting case of Jamal Thompson.

Callie was not happy about the spilled the beans that Mariana was in $20k debt. In the end, Stef and Lena were giving them both support, and they both let the girls know that they’re always there for them.

Will Ben disclose Callie’s conflict of interest to Judge Wilson?

Freeform always gives out plenty of sneak peeks which is great for the fans. From watching these sneak peeks, I’ve gathered quite a bit of information here on what we think may happen. We see Ben is in the office early and we know why that is. At the end of last week’s episode, he was snooping around on Instagram looking for pictures at the Coterie of Callie and Malika hanging out with each other.

Now after seeing that picture, Ben wants to disclose this to Judge Wilson since that’s a conflict of interest as Callie is working on the Jamal Thompson case and Malika is trying to get justice for Jamal.

Callie arrives at work early to tell Judge Wilson about her connection with Malika, only to see the office open and ends up freaking out because she knows Ben is there. Let’s hope Ben didn’t say anything to Judge Wilson. However, Callie may not have to feel guilty. It seems that she may not be the only one with a conflict of interest. In Freeform’s synopsis for tonight’s episode, it says Callie learns she might not be the only one with a conflict of interest on her team.

My guess is that the other one with an issue is Ben. So why the rush for Ben to take down Callie? It seems Ben feels guilty of something and doesn’t want Callie to know about it, so he’s trying to get her in trouble.

Jamie still wants to date Callie

Following the last few episodes of The Fosters where Jamie (Beau Mirchoff) was guest-starring, it appears that Jamie still wants to date Callie. We all know Jamie has it for Callie since he was on The Fosters. Even though Callie is in a casual relationship with Gael and they are both seeing other people, it’s pretty obvious that Jamie has feelings for Callie and is jealous of Callie seeing Gael.

I personally couldn’t care less about Callie and Gael. All they do is have sex, absolutely nothing else. Where are the relationships that I’ve seen on The Fosters? I want that on Good Trouble. I can’t be the only one here wanting this. Maybe if Callie sees Jamie instead of Gael, that may change.

Gael wants Callie’s legal help

When we first met Gael’s sister, Jazmin, Gael lent her $2,000 since she needed financial assistance. Now he wants to consult with Callie for her legal advice for Jazmin. I’m not sure what kind of help Gael wants from Callie. I see the stills for tonight’s episode, and I see her as a waitress. I don’t see anything in the stills that will give me any clues about why Gael wants Callie’s help. Unfortunately, your guess is just as good as mine.

Good Trouble

GOOD TROUBLE – (Freeform/Eric McCandless)- Acquired via Freeform

Is Mariana heading into a “love triangle”?

I put a quote around love triangle because Mariana isn’t in a relationship yet. It appears that both her coworker, Raj, along with her boss, Evan, may like Mariana. This can go great for Mariana since she’s been struggling at work as she and another lady are the only women who work there. That’s beside Human Resources who has a woman working.

Good Trouble

GOOD TROUBLE – (Freeform/Eric McCandless)- Acquired via Freeform

Imagine Mariana is receiving the special treatment at work? She’ll get carried away and probably not care about the others which can bring in some great storylines. I can totally see this happening. This is where I see Raj putting Mariana back into reality. I say that because he seems like such a good guy with a good heart, and he’ll be there to wake up Mariana if she’s going too far with not caring about anything. What I mean by Mariana going too far is that what if she becomes spoiled if she and Evan actually dated?

I probably went too far ahead about Mariana’s love life, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to predict what will happen, right?

Here is a synopsis for Good Trouble Season 1, Episode 6 “Imposter” below, per Freeform:

Callie plans to disclose her connection to Malika to Judge Wilson before Ben has the opportunity to undermine her and, in the process, learns she might not be the only one with a conflict of interest on her team. Meanwhile, Gael consults Callie for legal help for his sister Jazmin.

Watch the four sneak peeks of Good Trouble Season 1, Episode 6 “Imposter” below:

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What do you guys think about the sneak peeks? What do you guys think will happen in tonight’s episode? Let us know below.

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Date: Tuesday, February 12
Start Time: 8/7 Central
Episode: Season 1, Episode 6 “Imposter”
TV Channel: Freeform
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