The Gifted Season 2, Episode 15 recap: The 5 takeaways from Monsters

THE GIFTED, FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Steve Dietl/FOX.
THE GIFTED, FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Steve Dietl/FOX. /
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The latest episode of The Gifted brings together a long-separated family and a promise of consequences to come! Here are the five takeaways from the episode!

The last episode of The Gifted was a hard pill to swallow. In the episode, we finally understood the relationship between Benedict Ryan and Reeva Page. The interesting part about their connection is Reeva is the one in charge of the Purifiers, not Ryan.

This is further conveyed when she orders him to make the Purifiers wipe-out the Morlocks, which leads to a very unfortunate tragedy. As Jace and the Purifiers carried out the mission, Clarice aka Blink was shot several times right in front of John.

This week we see John handling his own grief after watching her die. However, some parts of the episode seem to hint that she might be alive. Also, a long-awaited reunion finally comes and this time it seems like it might be permanent. It’s a lot to unpack as we prepare ourselves for the season finale next week, so let’s dive right into everything that happened.

Here are the five takeaways from the latest episode of The Gifted!

THE GIFTED, FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Steve Dietl/FOX. /

1. What is Jace doing?

Once again Jace is playing a neverending game of morality pong as he now shows remorse for killing the Morlocks. He feels betrayed by Benedict Ryan because he was told that the Morlock hideout was supposed to be a terrorist camp but he found a hideout for families instead.

All through the episode, he shows remorse for his actions because he saw children in the Morlock hideout. Presumably, this is probably because he had a daughter of his own. That said, towards the end of the episode, Benedict Ryan manages to convince him he is doing the right thing because “good men with families” were also killed during the mission.

Again, this character is extremely frustrating because it seems like the writers cannot make up their minds on what we’re supposed to feel for Jace. Is he a smart rational morally flawed man that has empathy for mutants or is he a bad person that wants to destroy the mutant race at all costs? In some scenes, it just seems like the character motivations are extremely inconsistent and in better hands, Jace could be an extremely complex tragic character. Either way, it’s a strong bet that we’ll find out next week where his moral compass lies.

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2. Reeva’s plan unveiled

We finally understand why Reeva wanted to remove the Morlocks from the sewers this week. Before it seemed like she just wanted to destroy the hideout because they were working with the Mutant Underground but it becomes clear that her intentions are much greater.

As they make their way to the tunnels she explains that the sewer system connects to an entry that will enable them to take down Sentinel Services. She also explains that she is choosing Andy to lead the team that will neutralize everyone of them. This gives Andy pause because he knows Reeva means that she wants him to kill these men.

It seems like such a drastic way to use the sewer system and makes one wonder why Reeva did not try diplomacy with the Morlocks before sending the Purifiers to kill them. Maybe she just assumed Erg knew she was untrustworthy and just decided to not waste any time. All this said, the moment will spark the beginning of Andy questioning Reeva’s motives and his role within the Inner Circle.

THE GIFTED, FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Annette Brown/FOX. /

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3. Reed’s powers get the best of him

The episode also made Reed come face-to-face with his powers once again. The last episode, Reed decided to join Lauren in quitting the mutant suppression medication and deal with their powers together. This week Reed saw his abilities return and it led to a moment that will become important later in the recap.

In the sequence, Reed is trying to hide from Purifiers behind a dumpster. Once he is clear of danger, he attempts to make it back with the group only to discover Officer Wilson was hiding behind him the whole time. For a moment, Reed is able to convince Wilson he is a human attempting to avoid danger from mutants.

Unfortunately, his powers are triggered giving away his lie and the two men begin to fight each other. Reed, however, becomes overcome with rage and takes his fierce red hands, places them around Wilson’s neck, and causes him to disintegrate. After killing him, Reed spends the rest of the episode soul-searching whether he is a terrible person for doing what he did to Wilson.