EPs Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer tease Shadowhunters Season 3B

EPs Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer talk Jonathan’s resurrection, Clary’s new “rune”, Magnus’ loss of magic, Shadow World politics and more in Shadowhunters Season 3B.

We’re just days away from the Shadowhunters Season 3B premiere episode, “Lost Souls,” and by the angel, we cannot wait to finally go back to the Shadow World. Following the aftermath of Lilith’s demonic resurrection ritual at the end of Season 3A, we’re going to find many of our favorite characters consumed by guilt and grief when the series returns, but that doesn’t mean the action, conflicts or suspense is taking a break.

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with the series’ executive producers, Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer, to talk about what we can expect to see in Shadowhunters Season 3B. Check out our interview below:

Hidden Remote: How does it feel now that the 12 final episodes are about to air?

Todd Slavkin: We’re excited. We’re over-the-moon thrilled. We can’t wait for people to see. These final 12 are a work of love, and I think fans are going to be really happy. The show’s never been better. It’s a little bittersweet because it’s an end, and we didn’t see it coming, and it’s a surprise, but I just think we want everyone to celebrate this, and while it’s here, really, really enjoy it.

Hidden Remote: And we are all very excited for the return of Jonathan Morgenstern this season. What it was like to bring Jonathan back into the story and to write for this character again?

Darren Swimmer: We always knew we were going to keep Jonathan going, and when we set out to find the actor that would play his true face, his true form, his true personality, because the previous incarnation of him was Sebastian Verlac — living in his skin. We knew it would be hard to find just that right person, and when we found Luke Baines, we knew really quickly that this was our Jonathan. I think the fans are going to really enjoy his performances. He’s really created a new level of depth for the character. We can’t wait for them to see it.

Hidden Remote: Are you able to tease anything about how Clary will be impacted by Jonathan and by the rune Lilith gave her?

Slavkin: Well, she’ll be impacted in a deep way, and in a way that she’s not going to like all the time. It’s more than a mark; it’s a bond. And as hard as she wants to get rid of it, it’s not just on her skin, it’s inside her. So we get to see that bond evolve, grow, and how it complicates all the relationships around her. Kat McNamara always has been so strong – such a good actor – but this season, she kind of takes it to another level. It’s a side of Clary that you’ve never seen. She does such a great job.

Hidden Remote: We learned Alec and Isabelle are tasked with capturing escaped Gard prisoners and returning them to the Clave. And I believe you had previously teased online that this story would be significant. What can you tell us about how politics will play a role this season? Will Isabelle take on a larger responsibility?

Slavkin: Yes, absolutely. Isabelle really drives the story because we’ve seen her as weapons master, and she is really at the core of it. We love the idea that the incident at the Gard in Season 3A, that there was a consequence for it. We didn’t just bury it under the rug, and we have these escapees. There are some familiar faces out there, but it’s not just that. It’s not just a prison break. There’s a deeper thing going on, and Isabelle is kind of driving the wheel of that particular story.

In addition, there’s politics throughout Season 3B in terms of the wolf pack. We get into that, and also in terms of the vampires, the New York clan, we get into that as well. Heidi’s not gone forever. She’ll be back, and new faces as well. So the show — and while we love emotional stuff and the character stuff — there’s a really interesting, sophisticated storylines this season that I think will catch audiences off-guard and take them along a really cool ride.

Hidden Remote: This is also the first time in the series that we’re seeing Magnus relying on his non-magic talents and really showcasing his non-magic wisdom. What was it like to write for Magnus this season?

Swimmer: He’s always one of the funnest characters to write for because he has such a way with words, and his take on the world is so unique. But, seeing him without his magic and how that will impact him, and how that will allow him to rise to the occasion or rebel against what has happened to him, was something that we were really excited about going into these 10 episodes.

Slavkin: Yeah, it was great to write a character who’s never helpless as helpless, you know? It was such a 180 to what he normally does. It’s always cool to take a character and throw them around and have there be new circumstances. This was so interesting because it was like, it wasn’t just his magic, it’s kind of his soul. It’s his identity. It’s how he identifies to the world and to himself. We got to go to deeper places with him than we have in a long time.

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Hidden Remote: Are you able to tease how the Malec relationship could be affected by Magnus’ loss of magic in Shadowhunters Season 3B?

Slavkin: Well, it will be affected. I don’t want to give away any of the plot, but yeah, it has a huge impact. And poor Alec, because all he wants to do is be a supportive boyfriend and try to help Magnus and make him whole again, make him happy. And it gets complicated.

Hidden Remote: I know we’re running out of time here, but I wanted to ask you, how did the #ShadowhuntersLegacy tag start and what does it mean to you?

Slavkin: It started from Dom. I think Dom Sherwood did it.

Swimmer: I saw it first with Kat.

Slavkin: Or maybe it was Kat. I don’t remember. It was during the finale when we were all tweet-happy and we had been doing that. Someone wrote that, and I thought it was great.

Swimmer: When I first saw it, it was through Kat, and I remember thinking that was an interesting way to put it. What it’s come to mean to the fans has been the fans’ support of the show, and the fact that to them, it will always have a legacy. So it’s an important hashtag, and I personally don’t tweet it because I feel like it’s something that the fans own at this point.

Slavkin: But the true legacy of it all, truthfully, is that this is a show that will live on. And people after watching the show, hopefully, they’ll celebrate the idea of inclusion. They’ll celebrate the idea of appreciating and embracing and respecting people who are different from themselves. If there’s anything to take away from the show, it’s that.

Shadowhunters Season 3B premieres Monday February 25 on Freeform and will be available to stream on international Netflix sites the following day. Check back with Hidden Remote throughout the season for more Shadowhunters news, interviews and teasers.