Exclusive first look at the Flack Season 1 finale

Flack - Pictured: Anna Paquin as Robyn - Photo Courtesy of Pop PR
Flack - Pictured: Anna Paquin as Robyn - Photo Courtesy of Pop PR /

Don’t miss the season finale of Flack tonight! The network has sent Hidden Remote an exclusive clip from the episode. Check it out right here.

In the Flack Season 1 finale, Caroline’s PR team must navigate a famous soccer player’s wedding without any chaos or mayhem breaking out. Which, as we know from the previous episodes of the show, is much easier said than done.

The soccer player in question is a party boy, he frequently indulges in drugs and alcohol and if Robyn can keep him from succumbing to his most hedonistic impulses on the day of his wedding, then it can be considered a job well done.

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This episode will also put a focus on Caroline. As the boss, she hasn’t been given tons of screen time over the last five episodes so it’s nice to see her taking center stage this week and doling out advice to her team. At the end of the day, she does care about them, her own twisted sort of way.

We’ll also find out what happened to Calvin Cooper. In last week’s episode, Robyn was forced to do some emergency PR on a plane trip with Calvin as her client. She discovered he had incriminating photography on his laptop and was panicked about it falling into the hands of the police.

By episode’s end, Robyn had left an anonymous tip with one of her connections to the police force in order to force Calvin to face justice for his predatory nature.

Speaking of Robyn’s change of heart. Things in her personal life are doomed to come to a head this week. She brings Sam to the wedding, which could lead to disastrous results if he realizes how different she is at work.

Flack – Pictured (L-R): Arinze Kene as Sam, Anna Paquin as Robyn – Photo Courtesy of Pop PR /

Plus, Ruth is still mad at Robyn for not telling her about her husband losing his job when she found out. Will the sisters be able to reconcile before the season ends?

In the following exclusive clip, sent to us by the network, you’ll see a rare scene between Caroline and Melody. Surprisingly, Caroline actually believes Melody could be good at this job but she has to embrace the cold-hearted ambition and not get hung up on office romances or fleeting flings.

She also acknowledges this is the only pep talk she will give (everyone gets one) and it’s the nicest she’ll ever speak to her so she better “drink it in!”

"During the anticipated mayhem of a famous soccer player’s wedding, Robyn’s life begins to unravel and her house of cards is on the verge of collapse."

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Don’t miss a single second of the Flack season finale:

Date: Thursday, March 28
Start Time: 10/9c
Episode: Season 1, Episode 6, “Patrick”
TV Channel: Pop
Where to Watch: Stream 1 | Stream 2